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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoos, Wrist Tattoo, Wrist Tattoos are just becoming the most popular place to get a tattoo, well besides the good old tramp stamp, the lower back tattoo. I must say I love wrist tattoos on you lovely females and it deff makes you all look hotter as well.

So for all you girls looking for an idea on what wrist tattoo to get I am bringing you 6 stunning photos of wrist tattoos plus 2 jawdropping wrist tattoos videos. You ever wonder why they say some movies are jawdropping, like hands up if yer jaw has ever dropped during a movie, mine hasn't although I did enjoy Jaws even if it did put me off swimming.

Oi who shouted stop typing crap and get on with the wrist tattoos, do have some patience ok, tis my site and I will do what I want, anyways do enjoy my lil wrist tattoos blog you hot lil peeps.

I start my wrist tattoos with the ever popular star tattoo, nice choice.

I love the butterfly wrist tattoos, always loved the lil butterfly from it was a caterpillar.

Rihannas tribal wrist tattoo has always been a favourite of mine.

Avril Lavigne showing off her star wrist tattoo, the celebs love wrist tattoos.

I must say I love the colours in this wrist tattoo, one to consider girls.

The last of my wrist tattoos photos is this purple butterfly, just stunning.

Ok who hasn't seen a wrist tattoo that they like yet, hands up all you girls that want to see 2 great wrist tattoos videos so you can really decide what wrist tattoo to get. Ok girls ya can get yer hands down now, jeeez do ya think yer still at school. Anyways seeing as I am so kind and caring here are the 2 wrist tattoos videos, do enjoy and pick a good wrist tattoo to get ok.

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