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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Armband Tattoos

Armband Tattoos, Armband Tattoo, Armband Tattoo Designs and to be honest most guys these days have either tribal armband tattoos or barbed wire armband tattoos. But hey girls it's not just guys that can get armband tattoos so if you are thinking of getting an armband tattoo on that pretty little arm of yours do continue reading.

Today my tattoo loving friends I am bringing you 8 totally stunning armband tattoos photos which I think you will like and also as ever at the end a great armband tattoos video collection that should show you a tattoo idea for the armband tattoo you are after.

If you are after a star tattoo, a lowerback tattoo, music note tattoo design then browse my many other tattoo blogs and do post my link on your Facebook page to share with your friends. In the meantime put yer feet up, lie back and enjoy the armband tattoos photos and the armband tattoos video.

The first of my armband tattoos is the very popular barbed wire tattoo.

Love this star armband tattoo and this is an ideal armband tattoo for you girls.

Deff the fav of my armband tattoos so far, this stunning indian feathers design is awesome.

Armband tattoos and music tattoos are both popular so use this tattoo and combine them both, everyones a winner.

Another great armband tattoo for you girls to think about, show yer love girls !

Great tribal armband tattoo and a really popular choice by the guys.

Another little stunning armband tattoo for you girls, deff one to think about girls.

The last of my armband tattoos is this totally stunning piece of artwork, totally love this one.

Anyways my tattoo loving friends I hope you enjoyed the armband tattoos photos but before you watch the armband tattoos video do remember to put my link on yer Facebook page and do check out my other tattoo blogs, enjoy the video. !!

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