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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos, Celebrity Tattoo, Celebrity Tattoos and yesterday I was talking about how a lot of younger girls were getting similar tattoos as the celebrity tattoos such as those by Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Cheryl Cole and Lindsay Lohan. So today I have decided to sit back and type out my best blog yet so you tattoo lovers and my readers can enjoy the best Celebrity Tattoos Blog on the net.

It will be the best Celebrity Tattoos Blog because I am going all out to make you enjoy a brilliant display of celebrity tattoos and celebrity tattoos videos. Today I am bringing you not 8, not even 9 but 12 of the best celebrity tattoos plus 4 utterly awesome celebrity tattoos videos so make sure you watch them all as the first is just a joy to watch.

But hey you tattoo lovers don't just vanish after you finish watching my celebrity tattoos photos and videos because my website is jampacked with tattoo ideas such as star tattoos, music note tattoos, wedding ring tattoos, lowerback tattoos, jeeeez just about every tattoo you can think of so do check them out but in the meantime put yer feet up, sit back and totally enjoy my celebrity tattoos blog.

My first set of celebrity tattoos has to be this brilliant collection of Johnny Depps Tattoos and stop moaning girls because I haven't shown the man himself. Check out my earlier Blogs and you will find a Johnny Depp Tattoos Blog !

Next of my Celebrity Tattoos is this stunning wrist tattoo on the lovely Rihanna and yet again if you want to see more Rihanna Tattoos do check out my earlier blog on her !

The next of my Celebrity Tattoos is the lovely Peaches Geldof and that daisy chain for me is one of the best tattoos I have ever seen. Want to see more of Peaches Geldofs Tattoos, check out my very first Blog.

The next of my Celebrity Tattoos is Megan Fox with her "We will all laugh at gilded Butterflies" back tattoo and jeeeez that chick is a Fox for sure !

The next of my Celebrity Tattoos are these Angelina Jolie Tattoos, just love that girls tats !

Next of my Celebrity Tattoos are these stunning Cheryl Cole Tattoos and I just love her lowerback tattoo.

Britney Spears cool pink dice wrist tattoo is the next of my Celebrity Tattoos and although Britney Spears has other tattoos I kinda love the wrist tattoo.

Ok who guessed who these Celebrity Tattoos belong to, the lovely little tree with flowers and the chinese symbol on her stunning foot. If you guessed the Celebrity Tattoos belong to the stunning Sarah Michelle Gellar you guessed correct !

Nicole Richie shows her collection of Celebrity Tattoos and my fav is her rosary tattoo on her ankle, just love it.

Next on my list of Celebrity Tattoos is that stunner from American Beauty Mena Suvari with this stunning Lion with the words "Word, Sound, Power" underneath it.

Next up on my Celebrity Tattoos List is this stunning Chinese Symbol Tattoo running down the spine of the ever lovely Victoria Beckham.

The last of my Celebrity Tattoos is this stunning collection belonging to Alyssa Milano that little stunner from the TV series Charmed, just love that girls tats !

And that my tattoo loving friends is my collection of 12 Celebrity Tattoos photos but don't be going anywhere as I also promised you 4 stunning Celebrity Tattoos Videos so just sit back and relax and enjoy many more Celebrity Tattoos.

Woww, I gotta say I really enjoyed doing this Celebrity Tattoos Blog and man some of the celebrity tattoos are just amazing looking. If you enjoyed my celebrity tattoos do check out my other tattoo blogs such as my star tattoo, music note tattoos, lowerback tattoos and do paste my link on yer Facebook to share with yer friends.

Please do bookmark Great Tattoos as I intend to bring you Great Tattoos about everything and if you have any type of Great Tattoos you want me to write about please leave me a comment.


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