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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Harley Tattoos: Harley Tattoo

Harley Tattoos, Harley Tattoo, Harley Tattoos and I was out walking yesterday when I saw this biker passing on his Harley Davidson and hands up if you guessed what I thought, yup, I thought I am gonna do a blog on Harley Tattoos and trust me the harley tattoos are not just popular with bikers, they are a stunning tattoo design as you will see in this Harley Tattoos Blog.

Today I am bringing you 8 really stunning Harley Tattoos photos plus a stunning Harley Tattoos video so you can have a great selection of Harley Tattoos to pick from if that's the tattoo you are looking for.

Anyways do enjoy the Harley Tattoos and Harley Tattoos video but do also check out my other blogs and share a link to my website on your Facebook so your friends can look at my hello kitty tattoos, music note tattoos, and of course todays Harley Tattoos, sit back and happy viewing.

The first of my Harley Tattoos is this stunning arm Harley Tattoo.

The second of my Harley Tattoos is yet another stunning Harley Davidson arm tattoo.

The third of my Harley Tattoos is another stunning Harley Davidson Tattoo Design, just love this one.

The fourth of my Harley Tattoos is this stunning huge HD tattoo design.

The fifth of my Harley Tattoos is this classic little Harley Davidson badge tattoo design.

The sixth of my Harley Tattoos is this classy little dagger Harley Davidson Tattoo Design.

The seventh of my Harley Tattoos is one that I love the tattoo design of, deff a stunning Harley Davidson Tattoo Design.

The last of my Harley Tattoos is this skeleton on a Harley tattoo design, I deff love this Harley Davidson Tattoo Design.

Anyways my tattoo loving friends I hope you enjoyed the Harley Tattoos  but before you watch the Harley Tattoos  video do remember to put my link on yer Facebook page and do check out my other tattoo blogs, enjoy the video.

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Ivy said...

I see so many Harley Davidson tattoos this time of year, with all the bikers that are visiting the mountains, one last time before autumn hits.