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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower Back Tattoo Designs, Lower Back Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoo or hell the Tramp Stamp as it's more commonly known but I hate that name as I think lower back tattoo designs just enhance the beauty of the female body, for me lower back tattoo designs should be imprinted on girls when they are born.

Today I am bringing you lovely tattoo lovers 8 of the best lower back tattoo designs plus, yes you guessed correct, a great video at the end with a collection of stunning lower back tattoo designs. My own personal favourite lower back tattoo design is of course the star tattoos, I deff loves the star tattoos.

If you don't see a lower back tattoo designs that suits you fear not as the video at the end contains loads of great ideas. If you are not looking for lower back tattoo designs then take a browse around my website where you will find every type of tattoo like Betty Boop Tattoos, Vampire Tattoos, Star Tattoos plus so many more. If you like my site post a link to it on your Facebook page and tell yer friends about it but now sit back and enjoy my Lower Back Tattoo Designs.

The first of my lower back tattoo designs is this lovely pair, oh yeah !

Love this butterfly lower back tattoo design, just peachy !

Girls this is deff the lower back tattoo design to get, just stunning.

All you girls love Hello Kitty so make your lower back tattoo design a Hello Kitty Tattoo.

Well you know I love the star tattoo so this is my fav of the lower back tattoo designs.

I gotta say though that I am impressed with this flower lower back tattoo design.

One of the most popular lower back tattoo designs is of course the tribal tattoo, deff love this one.

Totally love this flower lower back tattoo design, maybe I am beginning to like flowers !

I gotta say I have totally enjoyed writing this lower back tattoo designs blog and I promise you this month I am deff going to write another couple of lower back tattoo blogs. Deff girls if you get just one tattoo on your body make it one of the lower back tattoo designs. If you didn't see a tattoo you liked in the photos do watch the lower back tattoo designs video below as it has loads of great ideas and do check out my other tattoo blogs and post my link on your Facebook, enjoy the video.

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