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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Memorial Tattoos

Memorial Tattoos, Memorial Tattoo, Memorial Tattoo Designs are becoming more and more popular and the memorial tattoos are both beautiful and sad, it's like Rod Stewart once said " Every Picture Tells a Story" and that can be so said about memorial tattoos.

I have found 8 great memorial tattoos for you plus a great tattoo video and each memorial tattoo tells it own tale. Some people get a memorial tattoo when their Mum or Dad dies, some get one when a close friend dies to show you still remember them. Some people get their family pet as a memorial tattoo when it dies, a pet is after all part of the family.

Anyways although death is a sad topic some of these memorial tattoos are just beautiful so do enjoy my collection of memorial tattoos and the video. If you are thinking of getting memorial tattoos do leave me a comment as to who and why, I am interested in my readers. Also check out my other tattoo blogs after you finish looking at my memorial tattoos and do bookmark me on facebook, enjoy my memorial tattoos blog.

The first of my memorial tattoos is this one for Papa, I hope my kids remember me !

I love the verse of this memorial tattoo "May angels lead you in", just lovely !

I gotta say memorial tattoos just get to me, I just love this one.

As I said some memorial tattoos are of pets and Scrappy will always be remembered.

I love this memorial tattoo with the in loving memory of grandpa and the dates of his birth and death, I think this would be one of the most popular memorial tattoos.

A memorial tattoo remembering all that died on September the 11th and none of us shall forget them.

I like this music note memorial tattoo and would love to know the story behind it.

The last of my memorial tattoos is this one of a soldier remembering his Sgt and again we all remember our armed forces who risk their lives to give us our freedom.

I hope you enjoyed my collection of memorial tattoos and if you have lost a good friend, your Mum or Dad or a family pet and are trying to find a good memorial tattoo to remind you of them then sit back and watch my memorial tattoos video. Do however check out my tattoos collection and share my link with your friends on Facebook, enjoy the memorial tattoos video.

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