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Monday, 2 August 2010

Shooting Star Tattoos

Shooting Star Tattoos, Shooting Star Tattoo, Shooting Star Tattoos Designs and for my 70th Blog on tattoos I have decided to go with the Shooting Star Tattoos. To be honest I have found the star tattoos along with the music note tattoos to be the most popular choice of tattoos with you girls, and you guys as well.

I am hoping to write a blog or more everyday in August so do bookmark my site and add it to your favourite sites n your Facebook so your friends can come a browsing as well. Today I am bringing you 8 of the best shooting star tattoos photos and as always I will end my blog with a great shooting star tattoos video.

My aim is to help you people find that idea for either your first tattoo or your 10th tattoo, I love the artwork of tattoos and I hope if you are looking to get shooting star tattoos that you find an idea here. But I also have other blogs on star tattoos, lowerback tattoos, spiderman tattoos and so many more. I am however interested in what tattoos you are thinking of getting so do leave me a comment and let me know and I will d a blog on that particular tattoo, in the meantime do enjoy the shooting star tattoos photos and the shooting star tattoos video.

The first of my shooting star tattoos is this stunning belly tattoo, love it loads !

I love redheads and I love shooting star tattoos, I think I am in love with this girl !

The best about shooting star tattoos is they look cool anywhere, this ear tattoo is awesome.

I am bringing you shooting star tattoos from every part of the body, love this foot tattoo.

My favourite shooting star tattoo so far, I could look at those tats all day ; )

Shooting Star Tattoos look amazing when done down the female body !

Love this back shooting star tattoos, I am deff loving these shooting star tattoos.

The last of my shooting star tattoos is this beautiful little set of 5 coloured stars.

I hope you saw a shooting star tattoo that you liked but if you didn't fear not as you  will in the great collection of shooting star tattoos in the video below. Do check out my other tattoo blogs and do put my website link on your Facebbok, enjoy the shooting star tattoos video.

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