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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Star Tattoos For Girls

Star Tattoos For Girls, why pick a star tattoo and how many types of star tattoos are out there, jeeez how to hell wud I know, have I travelled the world. All I do know is my daughter has 4 star tattoos, 2 on each side of her belly which she got done when she was 18.

Of course I told her not to get any tattoos but did she listen to me, hell does anyone listen to me, anyways let's have a look at Star Tattoos For Girls..

For my first star tattoo I have picked out a tasty blonde with stars running all the way up her back, jeeez what can I say, I couldn't find a damn redhead but man this chick just proves that getting star tattoos in the right place is a work of Art.

I think it is beautifully set off by the large star on her upper back followed by different sized star tattoos running down to her ass.

Now fear not you ladies you don't have to get star tattoos for girls all the way up yer back, jeez there are freaky guys out there with a foot fetish and the next pic is of a nice star tattoo idea on the foot which I kinda like to be honest, I loves the yellow heels as well, tis something I wud wear at the weekend in the privacy of my own home of course.

Just curious going back to feet fetishes, me I kinda hate feet, damn yukky smelly things so hands up if ya like feet. Ok get yer hands back down you sick feet fetish weirdos, you are probably enjoying this photo of the foot star tattoo idea.

Ok the next star tattoos for girls is the famous Kimberly Vlaminck who went to get 3 star tattoos on her face, the Belgian girl fell asleep and woke up with 56 stars tattooed on her face, jeeez talk about being star struck.

Jeeeez can you imagine when this girl is older and has kids of her own, I wonder will her kids come running home shouting " Mummy we love ya, yer a star"

Anyways take a look at Kimberly talking about her ordeal on the video to the right, like jeeez cud you fall asleep as 56 stars are getting tattooed on yer face. I dunno but I for sure think Kimberley's head is in the stars. Although I kinda find it sexy but I am kinda freaky ya know.

Ok so our next star tattoos for girls is a bit risky but hey tis a nice tummy tattoo and I love the way the dark blue star tattoos on one side are set off by the purple tattoos on the other side. Then mix in the 5 little star tattoos peppered between both sets and you have a nice little work of art.

To be honest the more I research tattoo photos on women the more I love them and methinks next week when the circus rolls into town I am gonna get a date with the Tattooed Lady, let's face it if she's crap in bed you can spend the rest of the night sight seeing her body.

I gotta say when I saw this next dark haired beauty just below she struck me as lady with Latin flair and kinda reminded me of one of a hot chick I once knew.

Just look at those dark black star tattoos running down her body, jeeez the female body is perfection but with star tattoos running down it, well tis but a temple for us poor men to but worship.

This piece of writing on star tattoos for girls on females has made my blood pressure rise amongst other things so I must close off now and go have a cold shower. So should a female get a star tattoo on her body, from what I have seen it's a massive yes from me. " It's a Yes from me too ! "

Ok lets have a look at a few more hot star tattoos for girls.

This hot looking chick has me seeing stars and this star tattoos for girls for sure, I loves the bigger star surrounded by the lil ones, this chick is a star, doncha think.

Gotta say I love this nice lil collection of coloured star tattoos just to the side of her belly, nice choice of underwear as well I gotta say ; )

Now this is what I call Star Love, just bare yer back and get all sizes of star tattoos right from top to bottom, deff love this chicks back !

Star tattoos just to the left and right shoulder blades of this hot redhead is indeedy a pure bit of artistic genius. The female body was indeed meant for two things, man and star tattoos, I loves you ladies !

Hands up if ya know who this famous neck belongs to, ok take a prize if ya guessed those star tattoos belong to the popstar Rihanna, I am doing her tattoos next week !

Yet another famous popstar with a star tattoo, the sexy Avril Lavigne has a star tattoo on her wrist, jeeez Avril is a total babe, loves her music as well !
Sometimes tis best ending a hub with a nice lil video actually showing people who have got star tattoos and I picked this video up which is the top 25 star tattoos for girls as collected by another website.

Jeeeez I gotta say I am seeing stars for sure and I personally can't pick which star tattoo I like best but all I do know is the star tattoo on the inside of that persons lip must have hurt like hell, is it just me or are people crazy buggers !!!!

Anyways I hope ya all enjoyed the star tattoos for girls, me I loved them but hell now I am seeing stars, I need to go and lie down, cheers for readin and enjoy the star tattoos ideas in the video below.

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