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Monday, 13 September 2010

Egyptian Eye Tattoo

Egyptian Eye Tattoo, Egyptian Tattoos, Egyptian Eye Tattoo and jeeez I love anything Egyptian ever since I saw the Mummy at the Movies. But all joking aside if you are thinking of getting a great tattoo design then trust me eye tattoos are popular but none more so than the beautiful Egyptian Eye Tattoo. The Egyptian Eye Tattoo comes in many shapes and colours and I think after this Egyptian Eye Tattoo blog you will be getting one.

Today I am bringing you 8 really stunning Egyptian Eye Tattoos photos plus a stunning Egyptian Eye Tattoo video so you can have a great selection of Egyptian Eye Tattoo to pick from if that's the tattoo idea you are looking for.

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My first Egyptian Eye Tattoo is this stunning Eye of Horus Tattoo Design.

Jeeez ya wud swear my second Egyptian Eye Tattoo was looking at ya.

My third Egyptian Eye Tattoo is just awesome, look at the colours in that Egyptian Eye Tattoo, just perfection.

My fourth Egyptian Eye Tattoo is yet another beauty, have I convinced you yet to get an Egyptian Eye Tattoo.

My fifth Egyptian Eye Tattoo is this stunning foot tattoo, doncha just love those lil toes.

My sixth Egyptian Eye Tattoo is this lovely lil belly tattoo, nice lil Egyptian Eye Tattoo for sure.

My seventh Egyptian Eye Tattoo is this stunning lil tribal wrist tattoo, love it !

My last Egyptian Eye Tattoo is this totally awesome eye tattoo, deff my favourite Egyptian Eye Tattoo.

Anyways my tattoo loving friends I hope you enjoyed the Egyptian Eye Tattoo Designs but before you watch the Egyptian Eye Tattoo Designs video do remember to put my link on yer Facebook page and do check out my other tattoo blogs, enjoy the video.

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