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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Peace Sign Tattoos

Peace Sign Tattoos, Peace Sign Tattoo, Peace Signs Tattoos and I am all  for peace man, or woman for that matter. Jeeez back in the late 70's the Peace Sign was so popular and believe it or not Peace Sign Tattoos are growing in popularity but please note if yer out with yer mates and yer giving someone the Peace Sign do have yer fingers facing the right way, yeah !

Today I am bringing you 8 really stunning Peace Sign Tattoos photos plus a stunning Peace Sign Tattoos video so you can have a great selection of Peace Sign Tattoos to pick from if that's the tattoo you are looking for.

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First of my Peace Sign Tattoos is this great lil Hello Kitty Tattoo, hell we all love Hello Kitty Tattoos.

Second of my Peace Sign Tattoos is this stunning lil Peace Sign Ankle Tattoo.

Third up of my Peace Sign Tattoos is this stunning Henna  peace sign tattoo, I actually really like this tattoo.

Fourth up of my Peace Sign Tattoos is this In Loving Memory peace sign tattoo remembering 9/11, great tattoo.

The fifth of my Peace Sign Tattoos combines a music tattoo, heart tattoo and peace sign tattoo all in one, totally awesome tattoo  design.

The sixth of my Peace Sign Tattoos is this little beauty on the arm, is that a cool peace sign tattoo or what?

The seventh of my Peace Sign Tattoos is this stunning lil wrist tattoo, love it.

The last of my Peace Sign Tattoos is this stunning Peace Sign Tree Tattoo, I gotta say I have enjoyed doing the Peace Sign Tattoos, Peace and Love be with ya !

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Ivy said...

I've heard that the whole peace symbol thing can be a real problem for USA politicians in foreign countries. :)

BadCompany said...

Isn't everything a problem for USA politicians in foreign countries lol, peace be with you my child ; )