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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Star Wars Tattoos

Star Wars Tattoos, Star Wars Tattoo Designs, Star Wars Tattoos and at the weekend I was at my local boot sale when I saw this Star Wars Stall selling all the Stars Wars figures and stuff. As I walked by the fool said "May the Force go With You" and I replied "Watever, may the Farce go with you". But as I walked away I thought that Star Wars was still popular and I used to like Luke Skywalker so I shouted "Tomorrow I am going to do a Star Wars Tattoos Hub" Everyone turned round and said together "May The Force Go With You!", like how crazy.

Today I am bringing you 8 really stunning Star Wars Tattoos photos plus a stunning Star Wars Tattoos video so you can have a great selection of Star Wars Tattoos to pick from if that's the tattoo idea you are looking for.

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My first Star Wars Tattoos is this little beauty, deff the Star Wars Tattoos are amazing.

The second of my Star Wars Tattoos are these classy arm tattoos.

The third of my Star Wars Tattoos is this Chewy Tattoo, love this Star Wars Tattoo.

The fourth of my Star Wars Tattoos is this lil stunner on the beach, she's deff a big Star Wars fan for sure !

The fifth of my Star Wars Tattoos is the lil green master himself, deff I wud even get this Star Wars Tattoo.

The sixth of my Star Wars Tattoos is this stunning Stormtroopers Sleeve Tattoo.

The seventh of my Star Wars Tattoos is this great Darth Vader Tattoo, when I was in my teens I used to do a great Darth Vader voice !

The last of my Star Wars Tattoos is this stunning Star Wars Fighter ship, deff loves this Star Wars Tattoo.

Anyways my tattoo loving friends I hope you enjoyed the Star Wars Tattoos blog but before you watch the Star Wars Tattoos video do remember to put my link on yer Facebook page and do check out my other tattoo blogs, enjoy the video.

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Ivy said...

"My my this here Anakin guy
Maybe Vader someday later
Now he's just a small fry" --The Saga Begins