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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Letters Tattoos

Letters Tattoos, Letters Tattoo Designs, Letters Tattoos and I think if I was to get another tattoo I would get a Letters Tattoo with say tattooed on my arm so I can stick my arm out and advertise my website. Anyways enough of my crap, last night I was in the bath thinking about tattoos when I saw this chick in the magazine I was reading had a few Letters Tattoos. Anyone else read in the bath, I find it really relaxing but jeeeez this chicks Letters Tattoos were as hot as my bath !!

Today I am bringing you 10 really stunning Letters Tattoos photos plus a stunning Letters Tattoos video so you can have a great selection of Letters Tattoos to pick from if that's the tattoo idea you are looking for.

Anyways do enjoy the Letters Tattoos Photos and Letters Tattoos Video but do also check out my other blogs and share a link to my website on your Facebook so your friends can look at my betty boop tattoos, music note tattoos, and of course todays Letters Tattoos Designs blog, sit back and happy viewing.

The first of my Letters Tattoos is this stunning lower back tattoo, just awesome !


The second of my Letters Tattoos is another stunning lower back tattoo and love the "Give us Strength" verse.

The third of my Letters Tattoos is this great looking Chinese Letters Tattoo, ya gotta love it.

The fourth of my Letters Tattoos is a real beauty, hands up if ya know what language that is, or even better hands up if you can translate this letters tattoo !

The fifth of my Letters Tattoos is this great arm tattoo, I love the design of this Letters Tattoo.

The sixth of my Letters Tattoos is yet another great Chinese Letters Tattoo, I love the Chinese Letters Tattoos.

The seventh of my Letters Tattoos is this nice army one, ya gotta love these Letters Tattoos.

The eighth of my Letters Tattoos is this "Jessica" Letters Tattoo, deff love the lettering style in this tattoo.

The ninth of my Letters Tattoos is my fav of the Letters Tattoos, I cud just stare at that those tats all day !

The last of my Letters Tattoos is this Italian Letters Tattoo and ya win a Cuddly Toy if ya can tell me what it says !

Anyways my tattoo loving friends I hope you enjoyed the Letters Tattoos Designs blog but before you watch the Letters Tattoos video do remember to put my link on yer Facebook or Twitter page and do check out my other tattoo blogs, enjoy the video.

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Anonymous said...

I like everything. Thanks for the post!

writing a term paper said...

looks great!! especially with an hieroglyphs. so lovely looking