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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Dragonfly tattoo, dragonfly tattoos, Dragonfly tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoos and hey I even have one myself on my upper left arm. I don't have a photo of my dragonfly tattoo today but I will post a photo of it up tomorrow, it's ok I posted it!

Btw can I just say I hope you all are having a great day, doesn't time fly when yer enjoying yerself. Jeeez I wish I was enjoying myself, anyways enough about boring lil me, let's be getting a look at some of my favourite dragonfly tattoos. The best thing about the dragonfly tattoo is both a man or woman can get it.

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs - Back

 I am going to start by showing you a few really cool back dragonfly tattoos, jeeeez sometimes I wish I had a great back tattoo but I have nobody to show it to, I really need to join a good dating website. Anyways here are a few really stunning dragonfly tattoos done on peoples backs, have a browse.

Man that dragonfly tattoo is cool, it makes mine look really crap ! 
Ok so this dragonfly tattoo is on her lower neck, tis still her back ok ! 
Dragonfly tattoo right on the shoulder, just look at the size of that tattoo and the stunning colours. 

Jeeez ya thought the other dragonfly tattoo was big, look at the size of this big bugger !! 

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs - Arms

 Jeeeez what about that big bugger of a dragonfly tattoo above, can ya imagine waking up beside that in the morning, wud scare the hell out of ya, nice bit of body art though. Ok now we will look at my favourite arm dragonfly tattoos and I promise tomorrow I will add the photo of my own, but I found it and added it at the very end.

I gotta say I am enjoying writing these tattoo blogs, gotta say the lizard tattoos have been my fav so far but hey I am deff getting into the mystical lil creature that is the dragonfly tattoo.

I like this dragonfly tattoo because it's just simple and basic but at the same time just perfect. 
This dragonfly tattoo I am not sure if I like it or hate it, maybe too colourful.
This dragonfly tattoo for me is your typical arm tattoo, not sure if I like this one. 

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs - Feet

 Ok as you all know I hate feet but today I gotta say I found two of the most pretty lil feet I have ever seen in my life. The first lil foot I gotta say I just might be tempted to suck those cute lil toes, in fact I know I would. Anyways have a look at the two dragonfly foot tattoos, love those lil toes !!

Just look at that pretty dragonfly tattoo on that sexy lil foot, gotta love those cute lil toes. 
Ok I like this dragonfly tattoo as well but not as much as the 1st one, I am in love with that foot !! 

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs - Video

 Jeeeez that was really hard to write as there are like thousands of dragonfly tattoos to pick from, I swear that lil dragonfly must be the most popular tattoo to get, probably why I got one I guess.

But in case you are thinking of getting a dragonfly tattoo I have searched for hours to get you my readers a great video with a compilation of dragonfly tattoos. Ok so maybe I only searched for like 10 minutes but tis the thought that counts, doncha think ?

My Dragonfly Tattoo Design.

Yes my very own Dragonfly Tattoo done on my upper arm, I think it's too big ! 
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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sparrow Tattoos For Girls

Sparrow Tattoo, Sparrow Tattoos, Sparrow Tattoo Designs, jeeez even Jack Sparrow, but all joking aside the lil sparrow tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos picked by a woman. I actually once went out with this girl who had a really nice sparrow tattoo on her wrist but she didn't like it and got it removed by lazer treatment. A cheap tattoo, an expensive removal, think carefully before you get yer sparrow tattoo.

Anyways today I am bringing ya loads and loads of sparrow tattoos, took me ages getting them, buggers kept flying away on me. I gotta say I am a big fan of the sparrow tattoo and I might even get one myself, any suggestions as to where I shud get it. Right enough of my bull, enjoy the photos of the sparrow tattoos and do share me with yer friends if ya like it and if yer not too busy leave a lil comment as that makes me really happy, I know I am a sad old bugger with no mates !

Loves a nice lil belly sparrow tattoo and I think having the sparrows either side of the belly is really artistic ! 

I wasn't sure whether to post this sparrow tattoo or not because I am not sure of they are sparrows, are they?, you tell me ! 

Jeeez now that is wat I call one really long slinky back, oh that's right we are talking about her tattoos, loves these sparrow tattoos, jeeez that is one hot as hell back for sure.

Awwwww I loves this sparrow tattoo, makes ya just wannna cuddle that chick, well I do anyway ! 

Nice lil sparrow tattoo with a name underneath but jeeez I just can't make that damn name out, can any of you lot read it ? 

I am guessing this is a guys back, now I dunno about you guys but for me a sparrow tattoo is just meant for women, just as soccer is just meant for us big hunky men ok ! 

I love this sparrow tattoo with that verse " I absolve you from all, but yourself ", now that tis wat I call a profound tattoo. 

Nice lil sparrow tattoo done especially for Mom, my guess is Mommy loved it, doncha think ? 

Dunno about the sparrow tattoo but jeeez that chick is hot as hell, and yep the tattoo is my fav so far ! 

The famous and hot movie star Sienna Miller showing off her lil wrist sparrow tattoo. Have ya seen her in the movie Layer Cake, if ya haven't rent it out, outstanding movie.

Another guy with a sparrow tattoo across his breast, I have no idea what the verse means, anyone out there care to enlighten us ? 

Two fisted sparrow tattoos and they deff love Kate, but are they a guys fists or a womans fists, ya just can't tell, or can you ? 

 This sparrow tattoo is my fav ok, it is just beautiful and so artistic and has of course the verse from Luke inside it, anyone wanna let us know what that verse in the Bible says, cuddly toy is the prize if ya can ! 

Amazing Tattoos Video

 What can I say, I have failed you moi loyal readers and I am so sorry indeedy. I have seached high and low and couldn't find a sparrow tattoos video. To be honest this really surprised me as sparrow tattoos are really popular, who knows maybe they took flight.

Anyways I didn't want to leave ya with no video at all and was gonna post a video of me on holiday in my speedos but twas worried if ya were eating that it might put ya off yer food. I have however found a great video showing some really amazing tattoos, ok I know ya were looking for ideas on sparrow tattoos but sorry peeps, even I ain't perfect, well maybe I am ; )

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Lizard Tattoos

Lizard tattoos, lizard tattoo and tattoos of lizards is what we will look at today. Why lizard tattoos you ask, tis simple this hub is being written for one of my readers because she requested it and if you have an animal or a piercing or any type of body art you wud like to see just leave me a comment and I will write it.

After all, without you readers I am nothing so my special tattoo fan, you enjoy the Lizard Tattoos babe ok !!!

Lizard Tattoos - Belly

 Now this lizard tattoo deff knows where to look and it's just as well the young lady has her hand over her breast or methinks that lizards tongue wud be out. But hey forget the jokes just look at that stunning bit of artwork, jeeez not the womans breast, the goddam lizard tattoo not the goddam tat !
Anyways I picked this lizard tattoo out because I think it's cute, it's sexy and I love the red colours used in it, and of course it's a clever lizard as it knows where to look.

Lizard Tattoos- Back

I loves you peeps so much I spent hours looking for the best back lizard tattoo, ok so maybe it wasn,t an hour but it was a good 15 minutes and man did I find you a real stunner, oh and the tattoo wasn,t that bad either.

Just look at the size of that lizard tattoo, right from her neck down to her jeans plus the lizard tattoo design is just amazing, that must have taken hours to get done. Is it just me or does that lizard tattoo make that girl look even more sexy than she is, deff body art is just that, totally artistic.

Lizard Tattoos - Arm

One thing I have noticed about the lizard tattoos is how they actually look real, you know like a 3 D effect on the body. This one on the arm is really good but hey wait until you see the one after that on the upper arm on the shoulderblade, jeeez man it's gotta be one of the best tattoos I have ever seen.

Anyways below you will see the first arm tattoo and then for me the best of the lizard tattoos although for you freaks with a foot fetish I have a nice lil foot lizard tattoo at the end. Ok take a look at the two arm tattoos, hmmmm does the shoulderblade only half count as an arm, who even cares ?

For me the best Lizard Tattoo, totally stunning ! 

Lizard Tattoos - Foot

 I really shouldn,t do this bit as you all know I have a phobia of feet but hell I loves to keep my readers happy and I know a few of ya will probably get a lizard tattoo on yer foot but if ya do don,t mail me a photo of it ok unless ya want me to throw up.

I do gotta say though that this lizard foot tattoo is kinda cute and well for a foot it is kinda sexy, I am still never gonna suck anyones toes though. Anyways enjoy the foot lizard tattoo.

OMG that is so beautiful, so sexy and artistic. Nooooo not the gecko lizard tattoo on the leaf, I am talkin about those sexy lil ginger freckles ! 
I had to laugh at this lizard tattoo, my first lizard was lookin up and this one is a lookin down, methinks the lizard like me knows the best parts of a woman ! 
This lizard tattoo has obviously just been done as the guys leg is still shaved, or is it a chick with a hairy leg. Did I ever tell ya about my hairy leg fetish, hmmm maybe not as tis a bit weird ; ) 

Lizard Tattoos Video

Ok I hope you enjoyed that lil blog on lizard tattoos my tattoo readers and as I have said if anyone else has a request of a tattoo they would like to read let me know and I will write it, you my readers are what comes first.

Here is a nice little video with another selection of lizard tattoos, ya know what I kinda like lizard tattoos now, really damn stunning and artistic, nice selection from one of my readers, doncha think. !!

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Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

Ankle Bracelet Tattoos, Ankle Bracelet Tattoo, Ankle Bracelet Tattoos and after writing a blog on ankle tattoos I realised that the ankle bracelet tattoos are indeed a whole set of tattoos on their own. I looked at loads of photos of them and I think below you will find what I consider the best 10 ankle bracelet tattoos that I have seen.

Anyways I am off for my lunch but you my tattoo loving friends enjoy my selection of ankle bracelet tattoos plus of course 2  cool ankle tattoos videos. But after you have looked at the photos and watched the videos don't just bugger off as thats so rude. Post my link on yer Facebook to share with your friends or tweet or tumble me, ok go look at the ankle bracelet tattoos.

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Dragon Tattoos Designs

Dragon Tattoos Designs,Dragon Tattoos,Dragon Tattoos Designs and by Dragons I don't mean the girlfriend. I actually was lookin at dragon tattoos designs way back in my late teens, I call those years my Golden Years, all those chicks that I thought were ugly back then I wud gladly have now, yup as ya get older ya deff get less picky.

Anyways when I think of dragon tattoos designs my mind goes back to Bruce Lee in that movie Enter The Dragon, jeeez that movie made me study the martial arts and I went on to get a black belt so I did.
Was in the changing rooms after the class and noticed my belt on my jeans had bust so I stole the blokes beside me and it just happened to be black. Anyways enough of my purile crap, let's go look at some tasty dragon tattoos designs.

Ok who is shouting out she's not real it's a cartoon photo. I know but ya know wat, I love that dragon tattoos design and I think it's possible to love a cartoon ! 
Now this is a tattoo I wud be proud to have, it's in the top of the arm and the red and black is just magic. Well not actually magic ya know, magic is just really tricks ya know but keep it to yerself, lovin the dragon tattoos designs. 
Now this is what I call a dragon tattoos design, probably because tis a dragon and tis a tattoo but one thing I have noticed doing tattoos, the shoulderblades of the female are really sexy or is my desperation getting worse, I fear for my sanity ! 

Ok forget what I said about the cartoon tattoo, I am in love with this chick. Just look at the dragon tattoos design running right down her back, jeeez I need a cold shower, doing these blogs is hard work ; ) 

Now that is a dragon tattoos design I wud like to get a good look at, doncha just love that tat. Nice to see she uses the same gold nail polish as me, oh those Golden Years !

Now didn't I tell ya the shoulderblade was sexy and this dragon tattoos design is totally stunning. But is that a female back or is it a guy, am I gay, I hope not as it's a pain in the ass ! 

Deff this dragon tattoos design belongs to a man by the look of his muscles so better not call him a woman as he might find me. Love the blue and orange mix, pure artistry ! 

This dragon back tattoo is just plain black or is it blue, either way it proves the old theory that plain can be sexy, I deff love dragon tattoos designs a lot. 

I decided to keep the best of the dragon tattoos designs to the end. Now that is what I call a tattoo, love the thighs and fishnets as well, shame I go for personality ; ) 

Dragon Tattoos Designs Videos

 Jeeez I thought I wud never finish writin this dragon tattoos designs blog, tis a Monday again and back to work, I shud be out getting drunk and chatting up some redhead. " A guy or a woman redhead? " " Oi are ya trying to be funny, ya saying I am gay or something "  " Nah but I do think ya shud take the medication the Doctor gave ya for our split personality " " You take it ok ! "

Anyways peeps I hope ya enjoyed the dragon tattoos designs pics, I have included 2 nice lil videos showing a nice collection of dragon tattoos designs, yes I know, I am way too good to ya all but hey I loves ya all, yer the only friends I have.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fish Tattoo Designs

Fish Tattoos Designs, Fish Tattoo Designs, wud you get a fish tattoo on yer back, nahhh nor me but today we will look at all those lil fishy lovers out there. Oh I do have a tropical fish tank though and I keep moi Blue Acaras in it, they just love me, they even let me stroke them. well I ain't got anything else to stroke these days !

Anyways today I am bringing ya Fish Tattoos Designs and trust me I cod you not, tis a blog for all those soles out there that loves the Fish Tattoos Designs, ya gotta write for everyones tastes, even those people that looks a bit fishy, doncha think.

I am bringing ya 14 lovely lil photos of the Fish Tattoos Designs and then a nice lil video at the end. Ya know I can tell whether ya watch the video or not by checking my Google Analytics and seein how long peeps remain on this page so don't try and give me any bull that ya enjoyed the Fish Tattoos Designs Video, cause I will know if yer tellin lies and if ya are ya will get yer bare butt smacked with a wet kipper, yeah ya wud love that wouldn't ya !

I put this fish tattoo design up first because as any of you that follow me know I loves the plain black design, tis a cool tattoo.

Obviously most of you fish lovers out there will know the first two tattoo designs have been koi tattoos, well unless yer a fish lover that loves the fish shop !!

Jeeeez if yer gonna get a fish tattoo design on yer back then this huge koi tattoo tis the one to get, man try reeling that baby in, the koi that is ; )

Loving the fish tattoo designs to bits, two lil goldfish swimming about on yer back, tis kinda cool, doncha think ?

Is it just me or does this Angelfish look so wrong as a tattoo, personally I think it looks cack but I put it up anyway to fill in the gaps ya know !

A fish tattoo design for yer fisherman this one, bet ya all loves it, in fact my guess is yer all hooked !

Wowwww now that's what I call one big hell of a fish tattoo design, must have took ages to tattoo that bugger, the tattoo that is, not the bugger it's on, grammar can be so confusin at times, doncha think ?

I gotta say I likes this fish tattoo design, methinks tis the yellow outline that sets it off, just my personal artistic view.

Ok for any of ya born under the sign of Pisces these are the fish tattoo designs for you, get that sign of the fish on yer back !

Stunning tribal fish tattoo design, bet ya didn't think ya cud get a tribal fish, sure the buggers swim around in tribes so go figure !

Always been a big fan of the Marlin, jeeez Marlin Brando twas my fav actor, I likes this Marlin Fish Tattoo Design, bet Brando wud have loved it.

Oh yeah, a totally stunning koi fish tattoo design right on the shoulderblade and the light blue really sets it off, I loves this one.

Hands up if ya know wat type of fish tattoo design this is, ok all you tropical fish lovers who said Siamese Fighting Fish win a cuddly toy.

Not sure about this big bugger of a koi fish tattoo design, methinks maybe it's too big, do you ladies prefer it big ?

Fish Tattoos Designs Video

I loves writin this lil wee bit at the end because it means I have almost finished another blog and hopefully given ya a laugh as well as shown ya some great fish tattoos designs. Thing is I am a really lazy bugger and I hate writin cause I cud be just loungin on the couch watchin tv or lounchin on the couch at my shrinks, jeeez she's really getting inside my head, she actually said I was the weirdest person she's ever met in her life, I was so stunned I ripped my stockings on the door on the way out.

Anyways as usual I bring ya a nice lil fish tattoo designs video with a lot of lil fishies, " jeeez do ya know how childish and pathetic that sounds " " I likes it ok so bugger away off, tis my fish tale, or fish tail, take yer pick "

Cya tomorrow peeps, loves ya all "

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