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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cheryl Cole Tattoo

Cheryl Cole Tattoo, Cheryl Cole Tattoos, Cheryl Cole Tattoo and hands up if you read a magazine when you go to the toilet. Ok hands down and I hope you washed them after you finished. For you Americans that haven't heard of Cheryl Cole you will when her and Simon Cowell bring the X-Factor to you real soon.

But anyways I was reading the magazine when I noticed the new Cheryl Cole Tattoo, a real beauty on her lower back which she got over her ex husband Ashleys name. But anyways it made me decide I want the whole world to see the new Cheryl Cole Tattoo plus all her other tattoos especially her cool wrist tattoo design, we love Cheryl Cole here in the UK.

Today I am bringing you not 10 really stunning Cheryl Cole Tattoos plus a stunning Cheryl Cole video so you can see the beauty of our X-Factor star who we adore.

My first Cheryl Cole Tattoo is her new one and if you do a headstand you can partly still see Ashley, love it Cheryl.

My second Cheryl Cole Tattoo is this stunning tribal tattoo on her wrist, this Cheryl Cole Tattoo increased wrist tattoos on females in the UK by thousands.

My third Cheryl Cole Tattoo is a collection of her lowerback and thigh tattoos, did I mention why us UK guys love Cheryl Cole, go figure !

My fourth Cheryl Cole Tattoo is of course her lowerback butterfly tattoo which is of course the fiirst tattoo we started with before the additions.

My fifth Cheryl Cole Tattoo is her Mrs C neck tattoo and I wonder will she remain being Cheryl Cole or change back to Cheryl Tweedy as she was when she became famous with Girls Aloud.

My sixth Cheryl Cole Tattoo is this stunning barbed wire tattoo on the stunning X-Factor judges thigh, we deff love the Cheryl Cole Tattoos.

The seventh Cheryl Cole Tattoo is this jawdropping lil heart tattoo on her thigh, ya gotta love Cheryl Coles Tattoos and trust me America you will love Cheryl as much as we do.

My eighth Cheryl Cole Tattoo is a better look at her neck tattoo and the good news is Cheryl Cole has stated she will be getting more tattoos in the future, so I can see another Cheryl Cole Tattoo Blog.

My ninth Cheryl Cole Tattoo is her most famous wrist tattoo again and this time we see Cheryl Cole in action judging on the X-Factor, we love you Cheryl.

My last Cheryl Cole Tattoo photo is a nice compilation of the Cheryl Cole Tattoos, I hope you enjoyed the beauty of our very own superstar, in a few years Cheryl Cole will be big in America, she's a star !

Anyways do enjoy the Cheryl Cole Tattoos and Cheryl Cole Video but do also check out my other blogs and share a link to my website on your Facebook so your friends can look at my betty boop tattoos, music note tattoos, and of course todays Cheryl Cole Tattoo blog, sit back and happy viewing.

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