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Saturday, 26 February 2011

3D Tattoos

3D Tattoos, 3D Tattoos Ideas, 3D Tattoos and last night I was having a nice hot bubble bath thinking which cool tattoo design to bring you next and as I lay there I thought "I will do a great Blog on 3D Tattoos", well they are after all my favourite kind of tattoo.

So today I am bringing you 10 3D Tattoos that will make Avatar look not as good compared to these stunning 3D Tattoos. I am also bringing you 2 great 3D Tattoo Videos, jeeez I am so excited I can't wait to see these stunning 3D Tattoo Photos myself.

Wowww is all I can say, this is one of my favourite 3D Tattoos and what a cool tattoo design. 

This 3D Tattoo is a bit spooky but it has a certain beauty to it, don't you agree? 

This spider tattoo just goes to prove that for 3D Tattoos you don't need glasses, it looks real without them. 

                         Another of my favourite 3D Tattoos, and one I have my eye on. 

3D Tattoos these days are so well done it looks like she does actually have wings. 

Must be something about spider tattoos that make them the best choice for 3D Tattoos. 

Now you have to admit that this Butterly 3D Tattoo looks like it's on the persons body. 

This is my pick of the 3D Tattoos, there is just something awesome about the artwork in this. 

It's 3D Tattoos like this that makes me write about Tattoos because in my eyes a tattoo like this is pure Art.

And another of my favourite 3D Tattoos is with Peter Parker or Spiderman, oh no, I have given his identity away. 

3D Tattoos Videos

I must say I have enjoyed doing  this 3D Tattoos Blog because the 3D Tattoo has always been the favourite of my tattoo designs. The very fact that a tattooist can actually create a 3D effect like the cool tattoos above just shows how much the craft of tattooing has advanced in the last 10 years.

But if you are a picky kind of tattoo lover and are seriously thinking of getting 3D Tattoos and have seen nothing that suits you then fear not as I have found 2 really stunning 3D Tattoos Videos that you can browse and see if any of those cool tattoos suit you, you can find them just below here.

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