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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy Tattoo Designs, Fairy Tattoos, Fairy Tattoo, and of course the big Irish Fairy that is writin this Tattoo Blog. I always hated my Old Gran for calling me a big fairy wen I was a boy growing up, it gave me such a complex wen I was older. Twasn't my fault that I preferred to wear dresses instead of jeans, besides I looked good in pink, ya know !

Anyways I kinda like the Fairy Tattoo Designs and loved Peter Pan wen I was a  boy, how I wished that I had a Tinkerbelle as well. Do ya think it twas true that Peter Pan never grew  old, jeeez imagine staying say 18 forever, ya wud never get a soddin free bus pass.

Oh well damn that, today I am bringing ya all Fairy Tattoo Designs and methinks I have got some cracking lil photos for ya plus of course the usual lil video at the end. " Why do ya tell the buggers that, they probably have already guessed that " " Yeah but I do get new readers ya know " " How do ya know? " " I check my google visits that show unique visits " " The only thing unique is you, ya weirdo "

Look please ignore my split personality ok, please just enjoy our Fairy Tattoos Designs, we both loves ya all !!

Love the first of my  fairy tattoo designs, what can a guy say except totally stunning ! 

Ya know wat, although not many guys get a fairy tattoo design but I wud deff get this one for sure as tis one cool tattoo and one of my favourite fairy tattoo designs. 

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I am loving these fairy tattoo designs for sure.

Lovely lil fairy tattoo design with a lil butterfly in there as well, if yer thinking of gettin a fairy tattoo design girls this one is deff a nice one ! 

Now this tattoo has a mixture of the lil fairy and also that lil shower of stars, can ya ask for a better combo than that, fairy tattoo designs are one cool tattoo. 

I loves yer fairy tattoo Kristy and ya deff have one neat back, if yer single and reading this, mail me ok and isnt she the perfect advert for fairy tattoo designs. 

Just totally stunning and beautiful, oh and the fairy tattoo wasn't bad either, yes girls the fairy tattoo designs are the way to go. 

Great lowerback fairy tattoo design but jeeez babe who to hell bought ya those pjs, they are blinding me ! 

This upperback fairy tattoo design just has one hell of a special look about it, jeeeez if I was her boyfriend I wud be lookin at that all day ! 

Kinda wud say this is like a punk fairy tattoo but tis deff one hell of a work of Art. I gotta say the fairy tattoo designs are really fast becoming my fav type of tattoo. 

Fairy Tattoo Designs Video.
I gotta say my own personal fav twas that lil Punk Fairy but I think it was because of the colour purple. I think I am now smitten by the Fairy Tattoo Designs on a woman, methinks tis because the lil fairy is so magical and just looks stunning with those lil wings spread across the female body. " Jeeeeez, what sodden drugs did the Doctor give ya yesterday " " I dunno but my head feels like tis away with the fairies "

Anyways I hope ya all enjoyed those Fairy Tattoo Designs and if you are lookin for an idea for a fairy tattoo I have also provided a great lil fairy tattoos designs video to the right for ya and for the thicko readers ya have to click on it. " That's not a nice thing to say, they are yer readers ya know " " Yeah I know but ya gotta help some peeps ya know " If you enjoyed my Blog do share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, enjoy the Fairy Tattoo Designs Video below.

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