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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls

Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls, Betty Boop Tattoos, Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls, jeeez I really must be crazy just like my old Gran said to be writing about Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls. Like what will my friends say when they find out, " Ya don't have any friends, tis why ya have a split personality so ya have someone to talk to"  " Jeeez yer right mate, cheers for that, so I can write about those soppy lil Betty Boop Tattoos without anyone callin me a girly boy "  " Yeah ya can but you are still a big girly boy "

Ok as I say today I am writing about Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls because a reader requested them and as ya know I loves all my readers, so I am gonna show ya the best 10 Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls that I have found plus show ya nice lil Betty Boop Video at the end.

Is it freaky for a real man, that's me ok to find a cartoon sexy, I deff have a lil thing about Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls.

Wowww I deff loves that back tattoo with Lady Luck on the Betty Boop Tattoo, jeeez I wish I was a girly as I wud deff get this tattoo on my back ! 

Jeeeez now this has to be one os the best Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls out there, running right down her full arm, just damn awesome, doncha think ? 

OMG tis a Marlon Brando version of Betty Boop Tattoos on the motorcycle lookin like the Wild One in that leather jacket, I loves leather, I really do ! 

Betty Boop getting her hot lil ass roasted in the flames in this arm tattoo, gotta say that Betty Boop does have a hot lil ass, for a cartoon that is, love these Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls.

I can't really even see this Betty Boop Tattoo but hell who cares, what's attached to it looks ok to me ! 

Yet another lil biker Betty Boop Tattoo and doncha just love this chicks boots, my money says she's a goth ! 

I love this tattoo, just placed perfectly on the shoulderblade, nice lil Betty Boop Devil just the right size and one hot chick as well, everyone's a winner with Betty Boop Tattoos.

Oh yeah a lil devil Betty Boop Tattoo right on the top of the arm, this one may just be my favourite Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls.

Yayyyyy at last, a lil Betty Boop Belly Tattoo, I loves a nice lil belly, on a woman that is, ignore anything my old Gran tells ya ! 

Betty Boop Pics Video

 I actually thought about not doing this blog as I personally think that Betty Boop Tattoos is deff just for girls ya know and I have my male pride and reputation to think about. Just cause my old Gran used to call me a big girly doesn't mean I am and if I like to crossdress at weekends in the privacy of my own home then that's my business ok. Jeeez don't those really tight bras make yer back all red, hmmm continuing on !

Anyways after looking at all the Betty Boop Tattoos For Girls I gotta hold my hands up and say I was wrong, jeez will ya get yer hand down, I said I gotta hold my hands up. The 10 Betty Boop Tattoos were actually stunning albeit they are deff just tattoos for girls. I couldn't find a video with Betty Boop Tattoos but I found this one of a collection of Betty Boops Pics which yet again I found totally artistic, enjoy !

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