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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Celtic Heart Tattoos

Celtic Heart Tattoos, Celtic Heart Tattoo, Celtic Heart Tattoos and well ya gotta expect an Irish Guy to eventually write a hub about Celtic Heart Tattoos, me being a lil romantic kinda guy ya know.

In my little romatic blog today I will act out a video of myself and some chick I hired doing Romeo and Juliette. " Are you crazy, you are writing about tattoos, not Shakespeare", " To tattoo or not to tattoo, that is the question?" Ok that's cool pop another tablet Art ya Bard and kill the Shakespeare ok, I need you to write about Celtic Heart Tattoos, that a boy.

Alas I knew him well, but today I bring you 12 totally awesome Celtic Heart Tattoos that will rock yer world baby and if they don't moi 2 stunnin lil videos will knock yer socks off. " What if they are wearing pantyhose?" " Shut it Twat Too Boy, just hit us with the 12 Celtic Heart Tattoos  photos ya dipstick"

Ahhhh me old Irish Heart is beating strong as I gaze at the  1st of my Celtic Heart Tattoos, tis just stunning.

Celtic Heart Tattoos also come in red, do ya likes the red?

I kinda likes this celtic heart tattoo with the blood dripping from it, I may be a vampire cause I kinda like Blood ; )

Will it be this tribal celtic heart tattoos, which tattoo will it be or not to be, "will you lose the damn Shakespeare" " For a pound of flesh perhaps.

Nicely linked Celtic Heart Tattoos, I loves a Blog with good links.

Look, the next of my Celtic Heart Tattoos is a Luke Tattoo.

Oh yeah, this is deff my fav  of the celtic heart tattoos, ya knows I love the colour purple anyways but this tattoo is just awesome.

OMG now this is what love is all about, this is truly a romantic Celtic Heart Tattoo, I am loving these Celtic Heart Tattoos.

The Claddagh is one of my fav Celtic Heart Tattoos, the Irish Symbol of Friendship and Love.

Love the colours in this Celtic Heart Back Tattoo.

Another of the Celtic Heart Tattoos that displays the ever popular Claddagh, love the artwork in this tattoo, awesome.

I love anything bold but I deff love the bold red in this last of my Celtic Heart Tattoos.

Celtic Heart Tattoos Videos

I decided that I wud bring you 2 cool videos not only on Celtic Heart Tattoos but on Celtic Tattoos in general ya know, make it a lil bit of an Irish night for ya. Ok if yer reading this and yer American, Canadian or Australian put yer hands up if ya have any Irish blood in yer family, jeeez that's a lotta hands, us Irish sure like to spread ourselves about.

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