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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Comic Tattoo

Comic Tattoo, Comic Tattoos, Comic Tattoo and last night I was lying in bed reading the latest Superman Comic whilst wearing my Spiderman PJs. As I lay there I thought how cool I would look with a Comic Tattoo but would I get Superman, Batman or Spiderman?

Would the tattooist think I was a big kid getting a comic tattoo. Anyways I decided to google it and I was stunned by the cool comic tattoos. Today my superhero loving tattoo friends I am bringing you 10 Comic Tattoo Pictures plus a cool video as well.

As for me, I fancy a Spiderman Tattoo, enjoy the Comic Tattoo Pictures and if you enjoy my blog do share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, it's a treat getting a tweet.

The first Comic Tattoo is this awesome Hellboy Tattoo, ok he's an ugly bugger but you gotta love him.

The second Comic Tattoo is this jawdropping Superman emblem filled with superheroes, I love it.

The third Comic Tattoo is this cool tattoo design of Spiderman, I might get this one on my arm.

The fourth Comic Tattoo really is indeed a comic tattoo, love the black coloured design in this tattoo.

The fifth Comic Tattoo is of course the Incredible Hulk, I always wondered where he got all his new clothes from.

The sixth Comic Tattoo is this totally jawdropping Superman back tattoo, deff the best comic tattoo so far.

The seventh Comic Tattoo is this matching pair of Batman Batwings tattoos, I might actually get those on my back as well.

The eighth Comic Tattoo is one of my favourite superheroes, the Silver Surfer who is one cool dude.

The ninth Comic Tattoo is this earthshattering Wolverine Tattoo, what an amazing idea for a tattoo, I love it.

The last Comic Tattoo is of course the mighty Batman himself, ok who can leave me a comment telling me the identities of Batman, Superman and Spiderman?

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the Comic Tattoo Pictures, now put your feet up and enjoy the Comic Tattoo Video.

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