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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Corset Piercing

Corset Piercing, Corset Piercings, Corset Piercing and over the weekend I bought myself a corset as I put on a little belly with all my Christmas eating. But I was browsing the internet for a cool corset when I saw Corset Piercings so I clicked on it and wowwwww I gotta say Corset Piercings are something else.

Although not suited for everyone and deff if you are getting Corset Piercings do see a professional. I loved them so much I have decided to make Corset Piercing a really special Gallery consisting of 20 Corset Piercings Pictures plus a few Videos.

Anyways my Body Piercings friends do enjoy this jawdropping Corset Piercings Gallery, to be honest I think it's just one amazing set of Corset Piercing Pictures. Right I am off for a cup of tea and a choc biscuit, do enjoy my Corset Piercings.

The first of my Corset Piercing shows you just how a Corset Piercing is made, cool doncha think?

The second of my Corset Piercing is just pure beauty but I always did love Blue. 

The next of my Corset Piercing is this lil Pretty in Pink chick and man that sure is stunning. 

Woooooo, maybe Black is the perfect colour for corset piercing. 

Various Corset Piercing in these pictures, I am loving those legs. 

Do you think it would hurt me if I got a few Corset Piercing, I really am loving them. 

Jeeeez I deff wouldnt get Corset Piercing anywhere near my neck, what if it got caught on something? 

OMG these Corset Piercing are my fav, they have my fav colour Purple and they look damn awesome. 

Jeeeeez seems you can get Corset Piercing just about anywhere, how come I havent met a chick with any yet? 

What can I say, this Corset Piercing is star quality ! 

Some nice Corset Piercings for you guys that like a nice leg ! 

Corset Piercing really are beautiful, I swear I love these Corset Piercings. 

Just something about this Corset Piercing that I love, could be the design ! 

If this Corset Piercing belongs to you will you Marry Me --- Please ??? 

Another few Corset Piercings on the bottom of the legs, ya gotta love them. 

Love these Corset Piercings, nice lil Pink Star with a nice lil bow. 

Deff Corset Piercing looks painful but jeeez you have to admire the beauty of them. 

Ok hands up if you love this Corset Piercing the best, well my hand is up ! 

Be dazzled by the brightness of this Orange Corset Piercing, doncha love it? 

Corset Piercings are truly magical and I love this frontal one, I gotta say these Piercings are my fav type of piecing. 

Corset Piercing Videos

 Ok firstly I hope you enjoyed my Corset Piercing Gallery of pictures but please if you are seriously thinking of getting a Corset Piercing do see a professional and do make sure you use the proper aftercare and advice he gives you.

I have decided to show you a video of a girl getting a Corset Piercing so you know exactly how the procedure is done so if any of you are wimps please don't watch the Corset Piercing Video but if you are going to get some Corset Piercings then give it a view as you will find it helpful.

My second Corset Piercing Video is a short compilation of Corset Piercing Pictures which I hope you enjoy and if you liked my Corset Piercing Blog please rate it up or even better share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook as my guess is yer friends will love me.

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