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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cupcake Tattoos

Cupcake Tattoos, Cupcake Tattoos Designs, Cupcake Tattoos and last night I was watching a great movie when I hit the pause button, "I need a cup of coffee and a cupcake" I said to myself in the mirror. Then like Einstein I shouted "Eureka", I will do a Blog on Cupcake Tattoos.

I was so excited that Cupcake Tattoos were popular I almost spilt my coffee, the Cupcake Tattoos as you will see are totally stunning, yes I know, a cupcake stunning, weird or what? Anyways today I bring you 10 mouthwatering Cupcake Tattoos plus a great Cupcake Tattoos Video.

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 The first of my Cupcake Tattoos is this sweet "Life is Sweet" tattoo design.

The second of my Cupcake Tattoos is this jawdropping arm cupcake tattoo, deff love this cool tattoo design.

The third of my Cupcake Tattoos is this pair of foot tattoos, deff love these cupcake tattoos.

The fourth of my Cupcake Tattoos is this cute little cupcake tattoo, I am thinking these are great tattoo designs.

The fifth  of my Cupcake Tattoos is this awesome foot tattoo surrounded by loads of stars but I also love those pirate shoes.

The sixth of my Cupcake Tattoos is this beautiful tattoo design, these Cupcake Tattoos are making me hungry.

The seventh of my Cupcake Tattoos is this mindblowing foot tattoo, loves the purple heels !

The eighth of my Cupcake Tattoos is this nice pair of Cupcake Tattoos on the back, deff a cool tattoo design.

The ninth of my Cupcake Tattoos is this awesome chest cupcake tattoo with wings, can't say I have seen that many winged cupcakes but I lead a sheltered life.

The last of my Cupcake Tattoos is this cool little pair of wrist Cupcake Tattoos, you gotta love them.

Ok I hope you enjoyed my Cupcake Tattoos Pictures but if you are thinking of getting a Cupcake Tattoo and didn't see a cool tattoo that you like then click the video below, put your feet up and enjoy the Cupcake Tattoos.

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