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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Funny Tattoos

Funny Tattoos, Funny Tattoo, Funny Tattoos and enjoying tattoos and the funny side of life I have decided to bring you 10 of the best funny tattoos plus of course a nice little funny tattoo video. Believe it or not the funny tattoos are becoming a popular tattoo to get today and many a person is making it a cool custom tattoo to get.

I hope you enjoy my tattoo gallery of 10 funny tattoos and find a tattoo design that would suit you, if not leave me a comment of what type of tattoo you are after and I will do my best to write you a hub about it, in the meantime do enjoy the collection of funny tattoo photos and feel free to share my website with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, enjoy the Funny Tattoos.

The first of my funny tattoos is the popular monkeys behind which is right on the belly button.
 Or if you fancy a takeaway moustache get this funny tattoo. 
Is this funny tattoo real, is there someone out there who has actually got a rasher of bacon tattooed on their arm? 

Are funny tattoos like this even funny, would you laugh if you someone on the beach with this tattoo? 

I actually like this funny tattoo, I think it's a tattoo I just might get done myself. 
This is a funny tattoo but my guess is the owner doesn't find it funny being searched at the airports these days with that tattoo.
Funny tattoos just wouldn't be funny tattoos without this famous grasscutting tattoo on the old guys head.

This has to be my favourite of my funny tattoos, this one really is funny. 

This has to be another of my favourite of funny tattoos, Bart Simpson really is funny.

The last of my funny tattoos is this famous eyes tattoo which is a great illusion tattoo as well. 

Funny Tattoos Video

If you are the sort of person that has a sense of humor and you have been searching funny tattoos I hope I gave you a few ideas in my funny tattoos photos but I will show you more tattoo pics in the video to the right. I know it's a long video but do watch it as it is really funny.

I hope the funny tattoos video gives you loads more ideas and you find that funny tattoo that suits you. Do feel free to browse through my other hubs where you can view star tattoos, lower back tattoos, wrist tattoos and so many more that I have in my collection, thanks for your visit and do bookmark my profile page for future tattoo blogs.

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