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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Samurai Tattoos

Samurai Tattoos, Samurai Tattoo, Samurai Tattoos and I was watching a great movie about the Samurai and jeeez they are really cool. Anyways as I fell asleep I dreamt I was a Samurai only to wake up and shout "I am doing a "Samurai Tattoos Blog"  I guess I am a bit weird but I live and breathe cool tattoo designs.

So today my tattoo loving friends I bring you 10 eyepopping Samurai Tattoos Pictures, chill out ok, I was only joking about your eyes popping. I am also bringing you a cool Samurai Video but when you finish viewing my Samurai Tattoos Blog don't just bugger off, that's so rude !!  So if you enjoy my cool tattoo designs do share my website with your friends on Facebook or give me a little tweet on Twitter, enjoy the Samurai Tattoos Pictures.

The first of my Samurai Tattoos is this really stunning tattoo design, this would look cool on my arm.

The second of my Samurai Tattoos is this awesome Samurai on his horse, I love it !

The third of my Samurai Tattoos is this cool tattoo design on the arm, deff love this tattoo.

The fourth of my Samurai Tattoos is this back tattoo with the dragon on the shoulder.

The fifth of my Samurai Tattoos is totally jawdropping back tattoo, that is one kickass tattoo.

The sixth of my Samurai Tattoos is yet another awesome back tattoo, I am loving these Samurai Tattoos.

The seventh of my Samurai Tattoos is just a work of art, this is for sure one cool tattoo design.

The eighth of my Samurai Tattoos is probably one of my favourite samurai tattoos, love the colour.

The ninth of my Samurai Tattoos is a little beauty, I hope these pictures have helped you tattoo lovers.

The last of my Samurai Tattoos is kind of different but I personally love it.

Anyways you lovely people I hope you enjoyed the Samurai Tattoos Pictures, now sit back and watch some really stunning Samurai Pictures in the video below.

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