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Monday, 21 March 2011

Snake Bite Piercing

Snake Bite Piercing, Snake Bite Piercings, Snake Bite Piercing and last night I was thinking about doing a blog on snake tattoos which I will but I changed my mind at the last minute. I was in a queue in the local shop when I noticed this stunning chick in front of me with an awesome piercing in her lip. "That's a cool lip piercing" I said to her. "Cheers you old fart" she said, "Its a snake bite piercing"  Like how rude, cheeky little cow needs bit by a snake.

Anyways today I am bringing you 10 stunning Snake Bite Piercing Pictures plus a cool Piercings Video. If you enjoy my blog do feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, as my Granny use to say "A tweet a day keeps the Doctor away", or was it an apple?  Right, enjoy the Snake Bite Piercing Pictures.

The first snake bite piercing is this black job, this is one awesome lip piercing.

The second snake bite piercing is this cool pair of studs, deff a cool piercing.

The third snake bite piercing is just awesome, hasn't this chick got the most amazing blue eyes.

The fourth snake bite piercing is this jawdropping piece of piercing, deff snake bite piercing is artistic, don't you think?

The fifth snake bite piercing is this double set of snake bite piercings, you have to love them !

The sixth snake bite piercing is this cool black stud piercings, black really looks cool, well I think so.

The seventh snake bite piercing are these pair of silver rings with the little silver balls.

The eighth snake bite piercing is this cool chicks pointed snake bite piercings, I love them.

The ninth snake bite piercing is perhaps my favourite, I think it's those kissable lips.

The last snake bite piercing is this classy black rings piercing, I love the colour black.

I hope you enjoyed the snake bite piercings blog,  ok I know my website is a tattoo site but from time to time I will be bringing you piercings blogs, enjoy the snake bite piercings video.

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