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Saturday, 30 April 2011

3D Tattoos Pictures

 3D Tattoo Pictures, 3D Tattoos Pictures, 3D Tattoo Pictures, jeeez my Doctor said I had 3D or was it something else, wasn't really listening. Anyways hands up if ya remember moi last 3D tattoo pictures hub, wasn't it fantastic. " Bit of a bighead aren't ya? " " No I wasn't claiming the praise, I mean't the 3D Tattoo Pictures were cool tattoos, I am way too shy to be bigheaded "

Anyways peeps be prepared to be stunned as today I bring ya 12 mind blowing and eye jerking 3D tattoo pictures. It will be like yer watching Avatar, in fact if ya have 3D glasses put them on as it will make this hub look better.

Ok put yer hands up if ya went and put 3D glasses on to look at the 3D tattoo pictures, jeeez get yer hands down ya daft dipsticks, I was only joking. Anyways as I say I have scanned the world for the most beautiful 3d tattoo pictures and I have found 12 that I am sure you will love and yes I have a cute lil video of 3d tattoos at the end of the hub just waiting for ya. Now off ya go and do enjoy yer 3D experience, I wonder what it was that Doctor said I had, I am sure she said I had 3D, maybe not, anyways enjoy the pretty photos you lovely peeps.

Jeeeez that is one hell of a 3D tattoo picture, but wat to heck is that creature in the middle with no eyes? 

Totally cool 3D arm tattoo, you really wud think that is actually going into his arm, just awesome ! 

Just thought I wud throw in another stunning 3D spider tattoo to scare you buggers that have Awrecknaphobia, " Ya sure that's how ya spell that phobia, just doesn't look right to me" "Who cares, I don't!" 

I am almost sure I have posted this tattoo in my lower back tattoo hubs but tis such a stunning tattoo it deserves a mention in my 3D tattoos pictures hub, doncha think? 

OMG the lil black widow spider in fantastic 3D climbing up yer neck, love this 3D tattoo ! 

In my quest to bring ya the best 3D tattoos I bring ya the best Quest 3D tattoo, ya like that, cool or wat ! 

Jeeeez I have heard that old saying of having a monkey on yer back but hell wud ya get this 3D tattoo on yer back, just unreal ! 

Hands up if ya recall those Chucky Movies where the doll comes to life, scared the hell out of me, so wud you get a 3D Chucky on yer arm, noooo wayyy ! 

Another Movie that scared me was the ScareCrow but jeeez I so love this 3D tattoo, I cud see that tat on my chest.

Must admit I love the dragon tattoo and this 3D shoulder tattoo is a real beauty, lovin it. 

Maybe I shud have called this 3D tattoos pictures hub spiders tattoos but you have to admit this is the best 3D tattoo so far, just mind blowing ! 

And for moi last 3D tattoo picture I have to say I have my eyes on you, yes YOU !!! 

3D Tattoos Pictures Video

And yet another 3D Tattoos Pictures Blog comes to a close, I kinda get all emotional and sad wen I finish a hub, tis like losing a lil friend. Maybe I am just unstable although I was once in a stable relationship. Twas with a farmers daughter, we used to meet up 3 nights a week in this stable she had, those were really fun days indeedy.

Anyways I hope ya enjoyed those earth moving 3D tattoos pictures because it took me ages finding them ya know. Plus I know that someone reading this is probably interested in getting a 3D tattoo so just for you I have also included a great lil 3D tattoos video which has a great collection of 3D tattoos pictures so that shud give ya some great ideas.

Right peeps that's another tattoo blog done, I gotta say I loves the 3D tattoos pictures and you know wat I wud buy if I won the Lottery. One of those new spanking TVs that show the soccer in amazing 3D, how cool wud it be to be watching a match with a cold beer, 3D specs on and tis like the player is on yer knee, wud be like heaven, " you mean Iowa" " jeeez wud you drop that sodden Field Of Dreams quote ya tosser"

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos, Tattoos Animal, Animal Tattoos and don't you just love yer lil animals, I bet as I am writing this one of you lovely ladies are stroking yer cat or petting yer lil doggy. Me, I have tropical fish, boring lil buggers that just swim around all day with their mouths open, bit like women in a way, jokin ladies !

Anyways thank God tis almost Friday, I really need to start doing the Lottery, surely one weekend my balls will come out. But today I am bringing you 14 animal tattoos, ya know those creatures that share the world with us. I am hoping my animal tattoos will be my best tattoo blog to date as I am doing it as a request for moi special lil friend Cheeky Girl, she's an animal lover, after all she does love me !

Ok lets get this animal tattoos blog started, enjoy the 14 mind stunning tattoos and hands up if ya guessed that there will be 2 great animal tattoos videos at the end, jeeez I am all excited, tis like a trip to the Zoo !!

 Oh Yeah look at this baby, oh and look at the animal tattoo as well, a tasty bird on a hot chick, kinda catchy, doncha think? 

This is deff a beauty and obviously in loving memory of a great dog, I like this animal tattoo a lot. 
Loves this Leopard tattoo, I wonder why they say a leopard never changes it's spots, I never change my boxers but do I go on about it? 
Well ya can't have an animal tattoos blog without having the king of the jungle but as Tarzan isn't her ya will just have to make do with the Lion. 

Ok hands up if ya think I am pathetic and childish enough to make up some sad cat tattoo joke, as if I wud ; )

Ok tis not a real cat but this is a great cartoon animal tattoo, I totally loves it. 

Loves this reptile tattoo and trust me the reptile typing this wud be crawling up there as well, oh yeah !! 

Oh like come on, who to heck is gonna get a gorilla tattoo, someone making an ape of themselves, or maybe a Gorillas in the Mist fan, peeps are weird. 

The perfect animal tattoo to get into the bath with, a shark tattoo, imagine at the local swimming pool scaring peeps, nice one ! 

Ok ladies ya ready to say awwwwww I want that animal tattoo, tis that cute lil bugger Bambi, jeez I cried during Bambi, twas those lil eyes. 

Neaggghhhhh nobody get's a horse tattoo, like ya wud be wakin up every morning with a horses head in yer bed, be like the Godfather ; ) 

I gotta say this cat tattoo so appeals to moi sense of humour, if ya ain't got a sense of humour please move on ! 

Ok hands up if any of you have a bull tattoo, ok hands up if any of you are full of bull, oh go on ya know ya shud have yer hand up, doncha ?? 

And lastly my fav of the animal tattoos, this earth shattering lion tattoo, wud deff get this one done myself. 

Animal Tattoos Videos

Jeeeez wasn't that fun lookin at all those animal tattoos, damn cheaper than a trip to the Zoo, jeez I went to the Zoo at Easter and the buggers charged me £10 to get in plus the damn animals were minging. Anyways I hope ya enjoyed the 14 photos of animal tattoos, I never cease to be amazed at wat peeps get tattooed on their bodies.

But hey if you are looking for an idea for an animal tattoo then fear not as you have come to the right place. In my quest to bring you leg trembing tattoos I searched high and low and whilst low I found these two mind shattering animal tattoos videos, so click on them, sit back and relax and enjoy both the music and the pics.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Buddha Tattoos

Buddha Tattoos, Buddha Tattoo,Buddha Tattoos  and well ya all know wat a Buddha is doncha. Hands up if ya have never heard of a Buddha and haven't a clue what one is, ok get yer hands down ya dumb buggers and prepare to be educated. A Buddha tattoo is similar to the meaning of a tattoo of christ. Buddha was a man who attained enlightenment but never claimed to be a god. A tattoo of him pays respect to him.

Today I hope to enlighten all you heathens with a dozen jawdropping and mouthwatering Buddha Tattoos, in case yer a total dumbass that's 12 ok, now ya can impress yer friends if ya have any that is. Jeeez moi poor lil head is pounding, I had way too much red wine last night, hands up if any of ya guessed that, ok hands down ya clever buggers !!

Anyways enjoy the 12 mouthwatering and earthmoving Buddha Tattoos, I am off to the toilet as that damn red wine runs the insides out of ya !!

As I am a very spiritual person I got this buddha tattoo on my own belly, ok hands up if ya really think that's my belly, ok all you buggers are off my Xmas list, damn cheek !
I likes this buddha tattoo, if I was thinking of getting one this wud be it.
Wowwww I deff love this sleeve buddha tattoo, now this I wud get on my arm !

I loves the colour in this buddah tattoo and deff one of the better Buddha Tattoos.

Well ya all know I am a big fan of the lower back tattoo and this lower back buddha tattoo is just earthmoving !

Or how about having the face of Buddha staring out from the top of yer back, damn cool tattoo, doncha think?

Another lil buddha tattoo on the upper back and I likes the artwork in this one, tis an Art to a good tattoo.

Or if ya are thinking of getting a really big kick ass buddha tattoo then get one like this mouthwatering back buddha tattoo.

Always has to be a funny bugger with no regard for religion, now do you find this buddha tattoo funny, tut tut, ya shud be ashamed of yerself.

This buddha backpiece is just a sight to behold, remarkabe artwork, jeeez I shud be a tattoo critic.

Love this buddha head implanted in the lotus flower, full of meaning and just beautiful as well, I am lovin the Buddha Tattoos, tis like being at Church !

And well me being me ya know I gotta have a tasty chick for my last buddha tattoo, deff stunning and beautiful, and so is the tattoo ; )

Buddha Tattoos Video

Jeeeez I was ages in the toilet, I knew I shouldn't have had that curry with moi red wine last night, jeeez the toilets a mess now. Sorry peeps but ya knows I loves to interact with ya all and well tis almost Friday and I am all excited as tis the weekend. I hope ya all enjoyed the Buddha Tattoosand well if ya didn't like I care.

Anyways I have found ya a short lil Buddha Tattoos Video which to be honest is a bit crap but like ya can't have jawdropping videos everyday, I tried my hardest to get ya a better one but that's all youtube had so mail them and complain.

Right I am off to have a lil nap, do look at the lil Buddha Tattoos Video though, although it's crap it does have a few good tattoo ideas. Oi where do ya think yer going, ya don't just bugger off, rate moi Buddha Tattoos up, share me, stumble me, leave me a lil comment and a few lil kisses......Oh and wait, enjoy yer weekend peeps and stay safe, loves ya all !!

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Monday, 25 April 2011

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

 Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, Japanese Sleeve Tattoo, Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, and I once got a Japanese Sleeve Tattoo, it's still on my white shirt sleeve. Ok so it wasn't that funny, tis not my fault yer a bunch of miserable buggers but hey come back, jeeez I was only joking ok and besides you want to pick out some Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, doncha?

Well you lucky tattoo lovers are in for a treat as today I am Turning Japanese, I am turning Japanese, hmmmm I like that song, I really do. But back to the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos and today my friends I am bringing you 10 of the best Japanese Sleeve Tattoos in the world, yes I did say in the world, ya impressed? But not only that I am also bringing ya two mind shattering Japanese Sleeve Tattoos Videos.

Right I am off for my lunch, tis damn smelly sardines today, anyone want a snog after ya have finished looking at the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos. I guess that's a no then, jeeez I once bought a "Kiss me Quick" hat on holiday and not one chick kissed me, like how rude, anyways enjoy the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos.

The first of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is also my favourite of the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, isn't that just beautiful?
The next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this stunner, hey I might actually put that Turning Japanese Song in at the end and we can have a singalong! 
Next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is without doubt one of the best tattoo designs I have seen.

Or perhaps you prefer the next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, who knows, who cares, ohhhh I do cause I want ya to read all my tattoo blogs. 

Next up of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this totally stunning tattoo design and jeeez that looks just like my muscles !

Next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this beautiful Japanese Sleeve Dragon Tattoo. 

Next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is jawdropping tattoo design, deff Japanese Sleeve Tattoos are the tattoo to get. 

Wooooooo, the next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this earth moving lil beauty. 

I am deff loving todays Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, methinks tis one of my fav tattoo designs for sure.

And yes ladies do get Japanese Sleeve Tattoos as well and this one is a lil beauty, so is the tattoo ! 

Sleeve Tattoos

Well I hope ya all enjoyed my selection of 10 of the best Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, unfortunately youtube doesn't have a video on just Japanese Sleeve Tattoos.
So I have decided instead to bring you 2 videos with a compilation of the best Sleeve Tattoos, oh shut up and dry yer eyes, tis a good video ok. Trust me ya will find loads of stunning tattoo designs within the 2 videos so give them both a click and enjoy them.

Anyways enjoy the videos and before ya go do check out a few of my other tattoo designs hubs like my Music Note Tattoos, my Star Tattoo Ideas, Hello Kitty Tattoos plus loads more but if ya liked the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos rate moi lil blog up. Leave me a comment, twitter me or stumble me, just don't hurt me ok. Or even better put my link on yer Facebook, anyways enjoy the videos.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spiderman Tattoo

Spiderman Tattoo, Spiderman Tattoos, doncha all love Spiderman and the way he fires that sticky web out at ya. Ok hands up if ya know what Spidermans real name is, ok if ya shouted out Peter Parker ya win a cuddly toy.

Superheroes just baffle me, like take that big guy Superman. These fools work with him in the newspaper all day when he wears a pair of glasses. He takes his glasses off and wears a cape and his pants outside his trousers, and they can't guess it's him, I worry about people, I really do.

Anyways I am bringing ya 11 Spiderman Tattoos and a nice lil video at the end, do enjoy moi fav superhero, ya gotta love Spiderman, oh and Wonder Woman of course, loves that chick.

Do ya loves my spiderman tattoo on my chest, who says tis not me, ya wanna prove it's not ! 
This spiderman tattoo on the arm is amazing, click on the pic to see it full size, totally stunning ! 
Love this spiderman tattoo, deff captures the whole spiderman theme. I always wanted to be spiderman as a kid but I have a fear of spiders ! 

Hey tis the spiderman tattoo fan club and I loves the one that says " Stick with me ", really original, doncha think ; )

Lovin this spiderman tattoo and I think I cud be related to spiderman. Ya know he's really called Peter Parker, well everyone calls my Old Gran Nosey Parker, so ya never know ! 

Now this hand spiderman tattoo is deff different, I like the way the webs shoot down his fingers but wud I get that one done, NOPE ! 

Nice lil wrist spiderman tattoo but that wrist looks kinda young to me and I am guessing tis a temporary stick on tattoo but it deff wud make a good wrist tattoo, doncha think ? 

I like this spiderman tattoo because tis kinda different, tis more cartoon and fun to look at, well in my opinion anyways, jeeez did ya know so many peeps got spiderman tattoos, unreal ! 

As a lot of ya know I really like a tattoo that is just plain black as long as it's artistic, I think this spiderman tattoo is just that, deff a nice tat ! 

Here we have 4 different arm spiderman tattoos, ewwwww doncha just hate hairy armpits, I am off to shave mine, looking at that is the pits !!! 

This black spiderman tattoo is one of my favs but did ya know if ya get a spiderman tattoo that yer stuck with it. Get it, stuck with it, oh bugger off then, ya have no sense of humor ! 

Gotta say I never realised that people got spiderman tattoos, I must check and see if Batman is just as popular, I likes Robin, methinks tis those green tights ya know. Anyways I hope my blog helps ya picking out a Spiderman Tattoo if yer thinking of getting one.

I looked everywhere for a Spiderman Tattoo Video but I am sorry peeps I have failed. I feel bad at letting ya all down so I have put up a nice lil video of the ultimate spiderman pics plus a few of the characters he has fought. I kinda enjoyed writing this Spiderman Tattoo hub, reminded me of when I was a boy and my Old Gran used to give me pocket money to buy the Spiderman comics. I loved my Old Gran but her feet sure as hell stank !

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