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Saturday, 30 April 2011

3D Tattoos Pictures

 3D Tattoo Pictures, 3D Tattoos Pictures, 3D Tattoo Pictures, jeeez my Doctor said I had 3D or was it something else, wasn't really listening. Anyways hands up if ya remember moi last 3D tattoo pictures hub, wasn't it fantastic. " Bit of a bighead aren't ya? " " No I wasn't claiming the praise, I mean't the 3D Tattoo Pictures were cool tattoos, I am way too shy to be bigheaded "

Anyways peeps be prepared to be stunned as today I bring ya 12 mind blowing and eye jerking 3D tattoo pictures. It will be like yer watching Avatar, in fact if ya have 3D glasses put them on as it will make this hub look better.

Ok put yer hands up if ya went and put 3D glasses on to look at the 3D tattoo pictures, jeeez get yer hands down ya daft dipsticks, I was only joking. Anyways as I say I have scanned the world for the most beautiful 3d tattoo pictures and I have found 12 that I am sure you will love and yes I have a cute lil video of 3d tattoos at the end of the hub just waiting for ya. Now off ya go and do enjoy yer 3D experience, I wonder what it was that Doctor said I had, I am sure she said I had 3D, maybe not, anyways enjoy the pretty photos you lovely peeps.

Jeeeez that is one hell of a 3D tattoo picture, but wat to heck is that creature in the middle with no eyes? 

Totally cool 3D arm tattoo, you really wud think that is actually going into his arm, just awesome ! 

Just thought I wud throw in another stunning 3D spider tattoo to scare you buggers that have Awrecknaphobia, " Ya sure that's how ya spell that phobia, just doesn't look right to me" "Who cares, I don't!" 

I am almost sure I have posted this tattoo in my lower back tattoo hubs but tis such a stunning tattoo it deserves a mention in my 3D tattoos pictures hub, doncha think? 

OMG the lil black widow spider in fantastic 3D climbing up yer neck, love this 3D tattoo ! 

In my quest to bring ya the best 3D tattoos I bring ya the best Quest 3D tattoo, ya like that, cool or wat ! 

Jeeeez I have heard that old saying of having a monkey on yer back but hell wud ya get this 3D tattoo on yer back, just unreal ! 

Hands up if ya recall those Chucky Movies where the doll comes to life, scared the hell out of me, so wud you get a 3D Chucky on yer arm, noooo wayyy ! 

Another Movie that scared me was the ScareCrow but jeeez I so love this 3D tattoo, I cud see that tat on my chest.

Must admit I love the dragon tattoo and this 3D shoulder tattoo is a real beauty, lovin it. 

Maybe I shud have called this 3D tattoos pictures hub spiders tattoos but you have to admit this is the best 3D tattoo so far, just mind blowing ! 

And for moi last 3D tattoo picture I have to say I have my eyes on you, yes YOU !!! 

3D Tattoos Pictures Video

And yet another 3D Tattoos Pictures Blog comes to a close, I kinda get all emotional and sad wen I finish a hub, tis like losing a lil friend. Maybe I am just unstable although I was once in a stable relationship. Twas with a farmers daughter, we used to meet up 3 nights a week in this stable she had, those were really fun days indeedy.

Anyways I hope ya enjoyed those earth moving 3D tattoos pictures because it took me ages finding them ya know. Plus I know that someone reading this is probably interested in getting a 3D tattoo so just for you I have also included a great lil 3D tattoos video which has a great collection of 3D tattoos pictures so that shud give ya some great ideas.

Right peeps that's another tattoo blog done, I gotta say I loves the 3D tattoos pictures and you know wat I wud buy if I won the Lottery. One of those new spanking TVs that show the soccer in amazing 3D, how cool wud it be to be watching a match with a cold beer, 3D specs on and tis like the player is on yer knee, wud be like heaven, " you mean Iowa" " jeeez wud you drop that sodden Field Of Dreams quote ya tosser"

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