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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos, Tattoos Animal, Animal Tattoos and don't you just love yer lil animals, I bet as I am writing this one of you lovely ladies are stroking yer cat or petting yer lil doggy. Me, I have tropical fish, boring lil buggers that just swim around all day with their mouths open, bit like women in a way, jokin ladies !

Anyways thank God tis almost Friday, I really need to start doing the Lottery, surely one weekend my balls will come out. But today I am bringing you 14 animal tattoos, ya know those creatures that share the world with us. I am hoping my animal tattoos will be my best tattoo blog to date as I am doing it as a request for moi special lil friend Cheeky Girl, she's an animal lover, after all she does love me !

Ok lets get this animal tattoos blog started, enjoy the 14 mind stunning tattoos and hands up if ya guessed that there will be 2 great animal tattoos videos at the end, jeeez I am all excited, tis like a trip to the Zoo !!

 Oh Yeah look at this baby, oh and look at the animal tattoo as well, a tasty bird on a hot chick, kinda catchy, doncha think? 

This is deff a beauty and obviously in loving memory of a great dog, I like this animal tattoo a lot. 
Loves this Leopard tattoo, I wonder why they say a leopard never changes it's spots, I never change my boxers but do I go on about it? 
Well ya can't have an animal tattoos blog without having the king of the jungle but as Tarzan isn't her ya will just have to make do with the Lion. 

Ok hands up if ya think I am pathetic and childish enough to make up some sad cat tattoo joke, as if I wud ; )

Ok tis not a real cat but this is a great cartoon animal tattoo, I totally loves it. 

Loves this reptile tattoo and trust me the reptile typing this wud be crawling up there as well, oh yeah !! 

Oh like come on, who to heck is gonna get a gorilla tattoo, someone making an ape of themselves, or maybe a Gorillas in the Mist fan, peeps are weird. 

The perfect animal tattoo to get into the bath with, a shark tattoo, imagine at the local swimming pool scaring peeps, nice one ! 

Ok ladies ya ready to say awwwwww I want that animal tattoo, tis that cute lil bugger Bambi, jeez I cried during Bambi, twas those lil eyes. 

Neaggghhhhh nobody get's a horse tattoo, like ya wud be wakin up every morning with a horses head in yer bed, be like the Godfather ; ) 

I gotta say this cat tattoo so appeals to moi sense of humour, if ya ain't got a sense of humour please move on ! 

Ok hands up if any of you have a bull tattoo, ok hands up if any of you are full of bull, oh go on ya know ya shud have yer hand up, doncha ?? 

And lastly my fav of the animal tattoos, this earth shattering lion tattoo, wud deff get this one done myself. 

Animal Tattoos Videos

Jeeeez wasn't that fun lookin at all those animal tattoos, damn cheaper than a trip to the Zoo, jeez I went to the Zoo at Easter and the buggers charged me £10 to get in plus the damn animals were minging. Anyways I hope ya enjoyed the 14 photos of animal tattoos, I never cease to be amazed at wat peeps get tattooed on their bodies.

But hey if you are looking for an idea for an animal tattoo then fear not as you have come to the right place. In my quest to bring you leg trembing tattoos I searched high and low and whilst low I found these two mind shattering animal tattoos videos, so click on them, sit back and relax and enjoy both the music and the pics.

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