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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Buddha Tattoos

Buddha Tattoos, Buddha Tattoo,Buddha Tattoos  and well ya all know wat a Buddha is doncha. Hands up if ya have never heard of a Buddha and haven't a clue what one is, ok get yer hands down ya dumb buggers and prepare to be educated. A Buddha tattoo is similar to the meaning of a tattoo of christ. Buddha was a man who attained enlightenment but never claimed to be a god. A tattoo of him pays respect to him.

Today I hope to enlighten all you heathens with a dozen jawdropping and mouthwatering Buddha Tattoos, in case yer a total dumbass that's 12 ok, now ya can impress yer friends if ya have any that is. Jeeez moi poor lil head is pounding, I had way too much red wine last night, hands up if any of ya guessed that, ok hands down ya clever buggers !!

Anyways enjoy the 12 mouthwatering and earthmoving Buddha Tattoos, I am off to the toilet as that damn red wine runs the insides out of ya !!

As I am a very spiritual person I got this buddha tattoo on my own belly, ok hands up if ya really think that's my belly, ok all you buggers are off my Xmas list, damn cheek !
I likes this buddha tattoo, if I was thinking of getting one this wud be it.
Wowwww I deff love this sleeve buddha tattoo, now this I wud get on my arm !

I loves the colour in this buddah tattoo and deff one of the better Buddha Tattoos.

Well ya all know I am a big fan of the lower back tattoo and this lower back buddha tattoo is just earthmoving !

Or how about having the face of Buddha staring out from the top of yer back, damn cool tattoo, doncha think?

Another lil buddha tattoo on the upper back and I likes the artwork in this one, tis an Art to a good tattoo.

Or if ya are thinking of getting a really big kick ass buddha tattoo then get one like this mouthwatering back buddha tattoo.

Always has to be a funny bugger with no regard for religion, now do you find this buddha tattoo funny, tut tut, ya shud be ashamed of yerself.

This buddha backpiece is just a sight to behold, remarkabe artwork, jeeez I shud be a tattoo critic.

Love this buddha head implanted in the lotus flower, full of meaning and just beautiful as well, I am lovin the Buddha Tattoos, tis like being at Church !

And well me being me ya know I gotta have a tasty chick for my last buddha tattoo, deff stunning and beautiful, and so is the tattoo ; )

Buddha Tattoos Video

Jeeeez I was ages in the toilet, I knew I shouldn't have had that curry with moi red wine last night, jeeez the toilets a mess now. Sorry peeps but ya knows I loves to interact with ya all and well tis almost Friday and I am all excited as tis the weekend. I hope ya all enjoyed the Buddha Tattoosand well if ya didn't like I care.

Anyways I have found ya a short lil Buddha Tattoos Video which to be honest is a bit crap but like ya can't have jawdropping videos everyday, I tried my hardest to get ya a better one but that's all youtube had so mail them and complain.

Right I am off to have a lil nap, do look at the lil Buddha Tattoos Video though, although it's crap it does have a few good tattoo ideas. Oi where do ya think yer going, ya don't just bugger off, rate moi Buddha Tattoos up, share me, stumble me, leave me a lil comment and a few lil kisses......Oh and wait, enjoy yer weekend peeps and stay safe, loves ya all !!

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