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Friday, 8 April 2011

Face Piercings For Girls

Face Piercings, Face Piercing, Face Piercings and is it just me or have face piercings become more popular in the last 10 years or so. Now when I was in my late teens I had a few piercings myself but they were just double piercingsof my ears, I looked kinda cool as well.

But lately no matter which shop I go into the young girls serving all have face piercings which are either a lip piercing, nose piercing or that eyelid piercing. I actually like face piercings and probably would have got one myself but some face piercings kinda scare me as being a safety minded person my imagination sees these face piercings getting caught in something and ripping the poor girls lip or eyelid.

Today I am bringing you 10 of my favourite face piercings plus 2 face piercings videos that will be of great help to you if you are thinking of getting face piercings . Basically this face piercings blog is a must read if you are seriously thinking of getting your face pierced. Anyways I am off for a cup of tea and a biscuit, enjoy my 10 favourite face piercings .

The first of my top 10 face piercings is this hot redhead with that amazing array of lip piercings, totally awesome. I wonder what it feels like kissing her ! 
The second of my top 10 face piercings is this lip piercing which is just perfection, note she is sticking her tongue out to show off her tongue piercing, nice choice of lipstick !
The third of my top 10 face piercings is this stunning goths double lip piercing, the nose piercing and of course that little eyelid piercing. This chick deff knows how to use face piercings to enhance her beauty.

The fourth of my top 10 face piercings this this cool face piering just on the cheek and under the eye, looks really cool doesn't it.

The fifth of my top 10 face piercings is this little blueheads triangle of face stud piercings, I actually kinda like blueheads as much as redheads !

The sixth of my top 10 face piercings is this stunning chick with her lip and nose piercing, jeeez she deff looks hot as hell.

The seventh of my top 10 face piercings is this discrete little ear piercing, I likes this piercing.

The eighth of my top 10 face piercings is this little side lip piercing, this is deff one of my all time fav face piercings, just love it.

The 9th of my top 10 face piercings is this amazing collection of ear piercings, ya gotta love them, doncha?

The last of my top 10 face piercings is this eyelid piercing and I gotta say this piercing is becoming really popular, I find this one just awesome.

Face Piercings Videos

I gotta say my double ear piercings look really boring now compared to my top 10 face piercings but still I thought I was cool at the time. If you are thinking of getting a face piercing just make sure you keep it clean afterwards and do be careful you don't get it caught up in anything.

My two videos just below are about face piercings, in the first I bring you a great collection of various types of body piercings.. The second video is of a girl actually getting my favourite lip piercing done, that being the snakebite piercing. Anyways do enjoy both the face piercings videos.

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