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Monday, 4 April 2011

Great Tattoos

Great Tattoos, Great Tattoo, Great Tattoos and today I am gonna blast yer socks off with a stunning collection of great tattoos. " What happened to calling them jawdropping tattoos?", " I kinda missed calling them stunning tattoos ya know and to be honest how many peeps have you seen coming out of the cinema after a jawdropping movie with a dropped jaw" " I just hate bad grammar ya know " " Hmmm, ya ever done a spellcheck lately ya tosser"
Anyways you lovely lil peeps tis damn cloudy here in Belfast today and I can't eat my lovely ham bap yet as the sodden window cleaner is farting about the place. But on the plus side I have 14 jawdropping photos of great tattoos. " Oi, ya just said jawdropping, yer such a split personality" " Ya think! "
Right I am off for a pee, I blame all the damn tea I have been drinking. Enjoy the 14 great tattoos photos and hey I have 2 lil great tattoos videos at the end for ya all. I am hoping ya all love this great tattoos hub cause I have tried really hard to please ya all cause yer like moi best friends.

I deff think this is a great start to my great tattoos, methinks this may be moi best hub, I hope so as I tries hard to please ya all. 
A redhead, a lovely lil dragonfly and a stunning background make this one of my great tattoos
OMG what a great tattoo collection, loves the yellow star tattoos and I just find these chest tattoos awesome.

Ok girls hands up if ya want a great tattoo on yer leg, check out this stunning star tattoo, deff on moi list of great tattoos.

Another amazing chest tattoo and I gotta wonder does such a great tattoo take yer eyes of the cleavage, " Nope! "

I just love this Japanese Dragon tattoo, just the colours and design make this one of my great tattoos selections.

Ok you lot might think this is kinda plain but I just love the design and for me tis a great tattoo.

Wowwwww is all I can say about this chick, deff great tattoos and plenty of bedtime reading, doncha think?

Wanna get a dragon tattoo that is totally kick ass, then get this great tattoo but god help anyone waking up beside ya in the morning, scare the crap out of them !

Abigail is deff a lil angel and this tattoo finds it's way into my great tattoos heaven !

Words just can't describe the pure artwork in this great tattoo, just amazing looking.

I gotta say I just loves the female thigh and that brings me to my next great tattoo, this flower thigh tattoo, stunning or wat !

We have had a few dragons in my collection of great tattoos and here is yet another one, jeeez isn't she just a beauty, I wonder wud she marry me !

And to finish my collection of great tattoos I bring you this amazing angel tattoo, I feel like I am in heaven just looking at it. " Is this Heaven?" " No, it's Iowa "

Great Tattoos Videos

 Jeeez peeps I was lucky I got to the toilet in time, damn nearly wet myself but at least the damn window cleaner has gone. Is it just me or do ya also think that window cleaners are peeping at ya wen they are cleaning yer windows. Maybe I shud be a window cleaner, anyways I hope ya enjoyed the 14 great tattoos photos, do let me know which ya enjoyed the best.

Anyways I have another lil treat for ya, I bring you 2 great tattoos videos and jeeez if after the 14 photos and the 2 videos ya still haven't got an idea for a tattoo then don't bother gettin one ya fussy bugger.
I thank you as always for reading my great tattoos hub, if there is any type of tattoo you wud love to read about drop me a comment and I will write it. Now if ya cud digg me, stumble me, rate me up, leave a comment or a lil kiss it wud make moi day. Guys no kisses ok, well unless yer well fit, loves ya all !!

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