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Friday, 8 April 2011

Gun Tattoos For Girls

Gun Tattoos for Girls, Gun Tattoo, Gun Tattoos Designs and I was sitting with my feet up yesterday reading the paper when I noticed the lovely Rihanna had got a new tattoo which was a Gun Tattoo so I thought to myself "I think I will do a hub on Gun Tattoos", yes you peeps that is how sad moi life has become but trust me the Gun Tattoos for Girls are really stunning although deff not a tattoo design to have had in the middle of The Troubles in Belfast !!

Today moi Tattoo loving friends I am gonna be gunslinging ya with 10 of the best Gun Tattoos Photos out there plus of course moi usual lil Gun Tattoo Video at the very end. I deff love the new Gun Tattoo that Rihanna has got and if I was to get a tattoo design now myself the Gun Tattoos for Girls would be high on moi list as they actually are really stunning.

Anyways I am off for a cup of tea and a nice cream bun, don't worry I will burn the calories off tonight with my 30 mile swim, do enjoy the Gun Tattoos for Girls Photos.

The first of my Gun Tattoos is Rihanna's new thigh Gun Tattoo, deff love that chicks thigh. 

The second of my Gun Tattoos is this another stunning thigh gun tattoo, deff love the colurs in this one. 

The third of my Gun Tattoos is this hot lil thigh tattoo along with garter, lovin these Gun Tattoos. 
The fourth of my Gun Tattoos is this lil beauty of a belly tattoo. 
The fifth of my Gun Tattoos is deff my fav Gun Tattoos, ya gotta love those tats !

The sixth of my Gun Tattoos is this awesome 3D Gun Tattoo, jeeez what a stunning tattoo design.

The seventh of my Gun Tattoos is yet another lil thigh tattoo so ladies if yer thinking of getting a Gun Tattoo get yer thigh ready!

The eighth of my Gun Tattoos is this lil belly tattoo with a nice lil star tattoo in the handle.

The ninth of my Gun Tattoos actually looks real, deff not a tattoo design for Belfast during The Troubles.

The last of my Gun Tattoos is another lil pair of belly Gun Tattoos, love this set ! 
 Gun Tattoos Video.
 Jeeeez peeps that cream bun really filled me, ya gotta love a nice cream bun, doncha think, anyways hands up if ya enjoyed the Gun Tattoos. In fact I am just curious if any of you tattoo lovers actually do put yer hands up for real, jeeeeez if ya do yer more crazy than I am.

Anyways if you are thinking of getting a Gun Tattoo and didn't see any Gun Tattoos that ya liked fear not as I have a great Gun Tattoo Video that you can watch and hopefully find that Gun Tattoo that suits you. Or if you already have a good Gun Tattoo leave me a lil comment telling me about it.

I hope you enjoyed moi Gun Tattoos blog, if ya did do rate it up or even better share it with yer friends on Twitter or Facebook and if you have time do check out moi vast collection of Tattoo Designs, loves ya all !

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Laura said...

Love your tattoos pics especially the third one. The one with the garter. I think I should have one before my wedding.

BadCompany said...

Thanks Laura, I hope you continue to enjoy Great Tattoos ; )

BadCompany said...

I have done a Rihanna Tattoos Blog, go to the search option on the bottom left and check it out, nice to have you as a follower ; )