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Monday, 25 April 2011

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

 Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, Japanese Sleeve Tattoo, Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, and I once got a Japanese Sleeve Tattoo, it's still on my white shirt sleeve. Ok so it wasn't that funny, tis not my fault yer a bunch of miserable buggers but hey come back, jeeez I was only joking ok and besides you want to pick out some Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, doncha?

Well you lucky tattoo lovers are in for a treat as today I am Turning Japanese, I am turning Japanese, hmmmm I like that song, I really do. But back to the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos and today my friends I am bringing you 10 of the best Japanese Sleeve Tattoos in the world, yes I did say in the world, ya impressed? But not only that I am also bringing ya two mind shattering Japanese Sleeve Tattoos Videos.

Right I am off for my lunch, tis damn smelly sardines today, anyone want a snog after ya have finished looking at the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos. I guess that's a no then, jeeez I once bought a "Kiss me Quick" hat on holiday and not one chick kissed me, like how rude, anyways enjoy the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos.

The first of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is also my favourite of the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, isn't that just beautiful?
The next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this stunner, hey I might actually put that Turning Japanese Song in at the end and we can have a singalong! 
Next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is without doubt one of the best tattoo designs I have seen.

Or perhaps you prefer the next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, who knows, who cares, ohhhh I do cause I want ya to read all my tattoo blogs. 

Next up of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this totally stunning tattoo design and jeeez that looks just like my muscles !

Next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this beautiful Japanese Sleeve Dragon Tattoo. 

Next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is jawdropping tattoo design, deff Japanese Sleeve Tattoos are the tattoo to get. 

Wooooooo, the next of my Japanese Sleeve Tattoos is this earth moving lil beauty. 

I am deff loving todays Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, methinks tis one of my fav tattoo designs for sure.

And yes ladies do get Japanese Sleeve Tattoos as well and this one is a lil beauty, so is the tattoo ! 

Sleeve Tattoos

Well I hope ya all enjoyed my selection of 10 of the best Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, unfortunately youtube doesn't have a video on just Japanese Sleeve Tattoos.
So I have decided instead to bring you 2 videos with a compilation of the best Sleeve Tattoos, oh shut up and dry yer eyes, tis a good video ok. Trust me ya will find loads of stunning tattoo designs within the 2 videos so give them both a click and enjoy them.

Anyways enjoy the videos and before ya go do check out a few of my other tattoo designs hubs like my Music Note Tattoos, my Star Tattoo Ideas, Hello Kitty Tattoos plus loads more but if ya liked the Japanese Sleeve Tattoos rate moi lil blog up. Leave me a comment, twitter me or stumble me, just don't hurt me ok. Or even better put my link on yer Facebook, anyways enjoy the videos.

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