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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Johnny Depp Tattoos

Johnny Depp Tattoos, the collection of Johnny Depp Tattoos brought together just for you's, jeeez that rhymed, I should have been a Poet.

Ok hands up if you ladies love Johnny Depp, that old Captain Jack Sparrow to you bunch of wenches. So do you wanna see the Captain Jack Sparrows Tattoos, well I better his CabinGirl to pull off his t-shirt so you lovely ladies can enjoy looking at the collection of Johnny Depp Tattoos.

Anyways today my tattoo loving friends I am bringing you a nice collection of Johnny Depp Tattoos plus a cool video, enjoy the Johnny Depp Tattoos Pictures.

Ya deff love that body, doncha ladies, you will love the Johnny Depp Tattoos.

Old Johnny Depp deff looks fit for his age, I like this one of Johnny Depp Tattoos.

Let's Look At Johnny Depp Tattoos.

Arghhhh the 1st of the Johnny Depp tattoos is on his right forearm and tis that swallow over a sunset with " Jack " underneath it.

Now many of you wenches may think that Johnny Depp got that tattoo in memory of his character, the lovable pirate Jack Sparrow but twas actually in honour of his son Jack. So there ya go, hands up if ya knew that, ok ya damn smartasses !!

Of course if ya get a tattoo with yer sons name yer not gonna forget yer daughter, not that Johnny Depp would.

Johnny rips his shirt off and gets the daughters name " Lily Rose " engraved just on his heart, the guy is deff a romantic, bit like myself actually.

Johnny Depps Tattoos- The Women He Loved.

Now Johnny Depp being a hopeless romantic like myself has to make sure he shows his love for the women in his life and like most guys his first love was his Mum. On his left bicep he has " Betty Sue " in a heart in honour of his Mum and I kinda like this tattoo and I actually don't know that many men with their Mums name on their arms although I have seen loads with the ghastly M . U . M tattooed across their knuckles.

On his right bicep he had tattooed " Winona Forever " showing his love for Winona Ryder when they were a couple. Alas although she stole his heart as well as loads of clothes the poor Miss Ryder was dumped by Johnny and he had the tattoo changed to " Wino Forever ", jeeez how damn cool of Johny Depp to have a tattoo of me on his arm.

I also forgot to mention that he has an indian chief tattooed just underneath the Wino Forever tattoo. Fear not if ya can't see the tattoos really clearly as they will all be shown larger at the end, jeeez I care for my readers.

Poor old Winona Ryder, she becomes Wino Forever, Love never lasts, tis sad methinks

" Silence Exile Cunning ",Johnny Depp loves his James Joyce !

Hands up if ya wud like to be lying beside Johnny Depp in this pic, oi you, yeah the big boy at the back, get yer hand down !

Another of Johnny Depps Tattoos on his arm is " Silence Exile Cunning " which is a quote from the James Joyce book " A Portrait Of The Artist Of A Young Man." Hands up if any of ya have read that great book from James joyce, yeah rite ya liars. Anyways that Johnny Depp Tattoo just proves our Jack Sparrow like us enjoys the written word, I wonder if he reads any of my hubs?

Above the Betty Sue Tattoo has this weird looking inverted triangle and I bet ya don't know the meaning of that. Oi you, yes you, the daft bugger with yer hand up, did I say put yer hands up if ya knew. Anyways the inverted triangle is also symbolic of a heart, the universal sign of the feminine and tis used to express romantic love, told ya he was a romantic.

Other Johnny Depp Tattoos are The Brave Symbol from his movie the Brave, the number 3 between his finger and thumb which he thinks is a mystical number. Three rectangles on his right index finger, the skull and crossbones inscribed with " Death Is Certain ", nothing like a nice cheery tattoo.

And last but not least a question mark on his ankle, jeeez Johnny Depp has deff got a lot of tattoos but would you ladies like to see him nude revealing all those vulgar tattoos, I guess you wouldn't or would you?
Below I have put a collage of all Johnny Depp Tattoos so you can see them all in larger size and enjoy the artwork that covers Johnny Depps body. Why do all you women love Johnny Depp, jeez what has he got that I haven't got, answers on a postcard please.

Johnny Depp live on stage showing off his indian chief and Jack tattoos, my guess is you ladies wud love Johnny live in yer bedroom !!
Looking mean and moody ya gotta love the Johnny Depp Tattoos, but why do women find Johnny more sexy than me, if I got the same tattoos wud I get the chicks as well ??
 Johnny Depp Sexy Video.
 Ok as a treat for ya all for reading my Johnny Depp Tattoos Blog I decided to throw in this Johnny Depp Sexy Video.

Jeeez calm down ok, tis not that damn sexy ok, like do ya wanna get me banned. Tis a collection of scenes and video clips of the great Johnny Depp over the years. For me, well you all know I loves him as the Captain, the mighty Jack Sparrow. Anyways enjoy the Johnny Depp Video.

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