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Monday, 4 April 2011

Lip Piercings

Lip Piercings, Lip Piercing, Lip Piercings and I gotta say I love piercings although sometimes I gets a piercing headache and I don't really like that. A lotta peeps think I am a sad git and have no life, this is partly true but now and then I venture outside, just to see what other peeps are up to ya know, I am a people watcher, not to be confused with a peeping Tom cause my name isn't Tom.

Anyways I went to my local shop where the lil hot redhead works and was buying my usual newspaper when I noticed she had got a lip piercing. She already has about 6 earring piercings, a tongue piercing and a belly piercing but man I didn't like this lip piercing. I was holding my paper and she was rubbing her tongue piercing on her lip piercing, why do they do that. Anyways lip piercings deff can look hot and the more I stared at it the more I liked it until she screamed " Oi you pervy old git, you buying that paper or not? " Jeeez the youth of today, no manners !

Today after my experience with lip piercings I am bringing you 12 mind piercing photos of lip piercings and also a video of some great body piercings. Is it just me or do you lot not think that lil redhead was really rude, like did I ask her to keep rubbing her tongue piercing against her lip piercing, of course I was gonna look, I am human after all. Anyways enjoy my body piercings blog about lip piercings.

Hey this is exactly what her lip piercing looked like, kinda got that look about it hasn't it ! 
Oh yeah, now this lip piercing is really hot, loves the way the bar goes right through both ends, looks really awesome. 
OMG this chick looks as rough as I do after a night on the drink, loves that Vampire look though and the lip piercing, ok so she looks rough but she's still got a pulse ; )
Wooooo a double lip piercing, I am impressed, I wonder what it's like to kiss someone with a double lip piercing, anybody know ? 
Probably the most common of the lip piercing is the little stud ( no not me ) just above the top lip, loves it !

Yes, Yes, Yes, this is exactly what that lil redhead in the shop was doing except her tongue stud was pale blue, now can you understand why I was staring !!

Loves this triple photo showing ya the 3 different views of a double lip piercing, I gotta kiss a chick with one just to see what it feels like.

Not sure if I likes this pointed stud lip piercing, like come on peeps, that's gotta hurt in the middle of a passionate kiss, doncha think?

Ok so I put this one in for a laugh, tis moi blog so I will do wat I want, I just thought if she was my chick she wud be great for resting my pint of beer on ; )

Nice lil double hoop lip piercing and what beautiful lips, but is that a woman or a man ?

Yep even guys get lip piercings but what happens when he is kissing one of the chicks above, do they become even more attached to each other ; )

Ok hands up if you like this lip piercing, personally I think it's as plain and boring as hell, but that's just me !

Lip  Piercing Video

Jeeeez I gotta say I am not sure about lip piercings, I likes the belly piercings and the tongue piercings and of course the ear piercing but lip piercings I am not sure about.
" What are you not sure about ? " " Well if you have a lip piercing and yer chick has a lip piercing I think it cud be dangerous " " Well you fear not, you will never have a chick close enough to kiss ya, just talking to ya gives me a piercing headache "

Anyways peeps I hope ya liked the 12 lip piercings photos, if you are going to get one do be careful after you get it ok. I have put a little video just underneath showing a chick getting her lip pierced, if yer a bit squeamish don't watch it but trust me tis a professional doing it and if you are thinking of getting a lip piercing ya just might want to watch it.

Right that is another blog written, I did actually enjoy it and learnt a bit from lip piercings. I hope it helped you if yer thinking of getting one. Oi get yer ass back, don't just read and then bugger off ok, I worked damn hard on this so at least have the manners to share me on Facebook or Twitter., leave me a lil comment or hell leave me a lil line of kisses, I love those, loves ya all !!

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