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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lotus Flower Tattoos

Lotus Flower Tattoos, Lotus Flower Tattoo, Lotus Flower Tattoos and I really loves the Lotus Flower plus when I was doing Yoga the Lotus was my fav pose. My Old Gran used to laugh when I did the headstand, she used to say all that blood flowing to my head wud make me go crazy, how wrong was that old bag. I loved doing Yoga though, so did my girlfriend at the time, she wud always bend over backwards to help me and was so flexible.

Anyways I am sure ya have guessed that today theLotus Flower Tattoos will be my subject and I shall be bringing ya 14 Lotus Flower Tattoos stunning photos. Ok hands up if ya wanna know why I pick 14 photos and not 12, oh get yer hands down, I just picked 14 randomly and stuck to it.

I also have theLotus Flower Tattoos video at the end for ya so you can pick out a good lotus tattoo if none of my photos suit ya. I wonder if that yoga girlfriend of mine ever got married, I might just give her a phone call. Although my Old Gran never liked my Yoga girlfriend, she used to always say she got her knickers in a twist, oh well, enjoy moi Lotus Flower Tattoos !

My first lotus flower tattoo is this stunning back tattoo, I love the blue colur running through it. 
 Nice lil lotus flower tattoo on the neck of this hot lil redhead, lovin this tattoo.
 Nice lil belly lotus flower tattoo, why do women have such better lookin bellies than us guys, tis so unfair. 
Deff love the artwork in this back lotus flower tattoo, just beautiful. 
Nice lil wrist lotus flower tattoo, the lotus tattoo is deff a popular choice for a tattoo. 

Now isn't she a pretty lil thing, I was too busy lookin at her at first before I noticed her stunning lotus flower  tattoo ! 

Deff love this blue lotus flower tattoo as it's just a work of art, deff one of moi fav tattoos, loves it.

And just to keep all you foot fans happy what about this stunning lil foot lotus flower tattoo. 

Oh Yeah, my fav colour purple on this totally amazing lotus tattoo, this tattoo is deff my fav lotus flower  tattoo, just perfection ! 

Many colours of the lotus flower tattoo, my fav of course is purple but is yours blue like this one? 

This lotus flower tattoo kinda reminds me of my black rose hub, tis a nice lil tattoo, deff like it. 

Now this lotus flower tattoo right on the lower back is a sight to behold, I just wish it twas me beholding it ! 

Wowwwww this black lotus flower tattoo deff gives moi purple lotus tattoo a run for it's money, lovin it ! 

 This last lotus flower tattoo is just sheer beauty, methinks I want a girlfriend with a nice lotus tattoo, anyone interested ?? 

Lotus Flower Tattoos Videos

Ok hands up if ya enjoyed the 14 photos on moi lotus flower tattoos blog, I often wonder when I type that does anyone actually really put their hand up. Ya see I like to interact on the internet and make you the reader part of my hubs.If you liked my lotus flowers tattoos do share it with your friends on Facebook or give me a tweet on Twitter, enjoy the lotus flower tattoos videos below.

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