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Friday, 8 April 2011

Music Note Tattoo Designs

Music Note Tattoo Designs, Music Note Tattoos, Music Tattoos are something you would think peeps would never think of getting but after doing a research on them I discovered that not only are music note tattoo designs popular they are damn artistic as well.

Good thing is ya can pop a music note tattoo on yer arm, yer legs, yer back, yer face, jeeez stick a music tattoo on yer ass and fart out a tune for godssake. Anyways as always I have managed to find only the very best tattoos for all you tattoo lovers who like myself are always on the lookout for a nice lookin tat.

Anyways I am off for a cup of tea, you lot look at the pretty pictures and I will catch ya all at the end bit where I type another bit of waffle for ya all, enjoys the music note tattoo designs because they areGreat Tattoos.

I love this peace and love guitar tattoo, just what every peace lovin rockers shud have on their arm, tis music to my ears.

Our old friend the star tattoo with loads of coloured music notes coming from it, deff love this one. I wonder can ya get a full song tattooed on yer body, wonder has anyone?

Looking at those two black music notes takes me back to school and learning music, I hated music and if my old music teacher is readin this " Yer a Tosspot "

Ewwwww jeeeez my foot phobia is back again, I can hardly look and I can't understand foot fetish freaks. Anyways tis a classy music tattoo, ok so the feet are ok, still hate feet though !

Ok as I knew I was writing a music tattoo hub I went and got a music tattoo today and this is a photo of it. Hands up if ya think it's me, anyone with yer hands up get yer Doctor to change yer medication !

Awwww look at the lil bird with the music notes tattoo, tis so cute but the birds colours look a bit faded, still a nice little music tattoo though, I likes a musical bird !

Poor chick didn't want this tattoo, walked into the wrong shop said " I want to hear music ", the tattooist thought she said I want ear music, tis a sad and sorry tale !

Oh yeah, me and this hot lookin chick cud deff make wonderful music together, just a case of hitting the right notes, doncha think ; )

Ha I was right earlier when I said about getting a song tattooed on yer arm, jeeeez it's a pain being right all the time, anyways nice music tattoo, I likes it.

I guess these music tattoos can only be called a pain in the neck but that pretty lil musical neck can sing on my pillow any night ending with "day", deff my fav music tattoo.

Music Note Tattoo Designs Video

 Ok ya have come here looking for some ideas for music note tattoo designs as you are thinking of getting a music tattoo. Well fear not because ya have come to the right place as I am always hear to give ya some tattoo ideas.

Look at the nice lil video just below, enjoy the song and see if ya like any of those music note tattoo designs. In the video she shows 13 tattoos and then the video finishes but plays on, the black screen means it's finished ok, just so ya know.

I hope this has helped ya pick out a good music tattoo, I will be back tomorrow with two more tattoo designs, heart tattoos and wrist tattoos and on Sunday all over body tattoos. ! Do share me with your friends on Facebook or tweet me on Twitter.

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