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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Peaches Geldof Tattoos

Peaches Geldof Tattoos is my first of many Celebrity Tattoo Blogs and also the beginning of many blogs about tattoos, body piercings, branding and other forms of Body Art. Peaches Geldof Tattoos are for me the best Celebrity Tattoos out there.

What more can a Tattoo Fan ask for but a tattooed peachy ass and a body to die for. The number of Peaches Geldof Tattoos were 22 at the last count but I think the last one was her sisters name bringing it up to 23 but I may be wrong, if you are reading Peaches do let me know.

Ok I know you are all wanting to look at Peaches Geldof Tattoos so firstly here is a list of her tattoos and then we will take a close look at those Peaches Geldof Tattoos.

For me the long daisy chain running down from her breasts to her ankles is the best of the Peaches Geldof Tattoos. Loads of tattoos these days look really tacky and cheap but as you will see from the photos that follow Peaches has certainly made her body really sexy by her selection.

I am a big fan of Peaches Geldof and one can only imagine that if one was having a relationship with her you could fall asleep just reading her tattoos, Peaches Geldof Tattoos are indeed great bedtime reading and should actually be made available on Doctors orders as I know it would improve my health. Do enjoy the  Peaches Geldof Tattoos collection, I know I did.

The full Peaches Geldof Tattoos list, some collection, doncha think?

Now this photo shows just what a hot chick this celebrity is and adds a new meaning to a Peachy Ass.
This tattoo is of course the lyrics to Nick Caves song, sing along with Peaches, really cool ! 
Nice little tattoo on Peaches shoulder, I must say this young lady is without a doubt a real stunner. 
Personally I love that little cross running from the chain tattooed on her wrist, pure class.

This photo of Peaches thigh shows the daisy chain more clearly, deff a work of Art ! 
And to finish Peaches other arm and the heart tattoo. Yes Celebrity Tattoos are great but for me Peaches Geldof Tattoos are the best. I intend to bring you new  tattoos everyday, tomorrow I will bring you Johnny Depp's tattoos.

If you enjoy tattoos and have any feel free to mail them to me and I will display them as I intend to cover all types of tattoos from gothic to tribal. I also intend to cover body art such as piercings from both celebrities and your average person on the street. I also intend to cover the tattoos of every single celebrity out there, yes every single one, that is a lot of tats. !

I do hope you enjoyed Peaches Geldof Tattoos, for me the peachiest celebrity out there. !

                                The Pixie Geldof Tattoo.

Ha ha, I found it, Peaches Geldofs last tattoo with her sisters name and date of birth ! 

                                                      More Peaches Geldof Tattoos.

Found another photo for my collection of Peaches Geldof Tattoos, this time of an ex b/f called " Max ", the lucky bugger ! 
Found this pic of the ever lovely Peaches and man look at those tattoos, for me  are the best Peaches Geldof Tattoos out, doncha just wish ya were that daisy chain !! 
I spotted this photo and loved it as purple is my fav colour and Peaches is my fav Celebrity, deff my fav of the Peaches Geldof Tattoos  is that lil unicorn on her thigh, jeeez she's stunning ! 

Peaches Geldof Tattoos Video

Peaches Geldof Tattoos are well known in the UK as is the lovely Peaches but the hot lil vixen and her tattooed body tis not as famous or as well known in America, India or other parts of the world so for all you lovely peeps around the word I have added this 6 minute video showing you who Peaches Geldof is and also letting you see the Peaches Geldof Tattoos collection even better, enjoy moi friends !!

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