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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spiderman Tattoo

Spiderman Tattoo, Spiderman Tattoos, doncha all love Spiderman and the way he fires that sticky web out at ya. Ok hands up if ya know what Spidermans real name is, ok if ya shouted out Peter Parker ya win a cuddly toy.

Superheroes just baffle me, like take that big guy Superman. These fools work with him in the newspaper all day when he wears a pair of glasses. He takes his glasses off and wears a cape and his pants outside his trousers, and they can't guess it's him, I worry about people, I really do.

Anyways I am bringing ya 11 Spiderman Tattoos and a nice lil video at the end, do enjoy moi fav superhero, ya gotta love Spiderman, oh and Wonder Woman of course, loves that chick.

Do ya loves my spiderman tattoo on my chest, who says tis not me, ya wanna prove it's not ! 
This spiderman tattoo on the arm is amazing, click on the pic to see it full size, totally stunning ! 
Love this spiderman tattoo, deff captures the whole spiderman theme. I always wanted to be spiderman as a kid but I have a fear of spiders ! 

Hey tis the spiderman tattoo fan club and I loves the one that says " Stick with me ", really original, doncha think ; )

Lovin this spiderman tattoo and I think I cud be related to spiderman. Ya know he's really called Peter Parker, well everyone calls my Old Gran Nosey Parker, so ya never know ! 

Now this hand spiderman tattoo is deff different, I like the way the webs shoot down his fingers but wud I get that one done, NOPE ! 

Nice lil wrist spiderman tattoo but that wrist looks kinda young to me and I am guessing tis a temporary stick on tattoo but it deff wud make a good wrist tattoo, doncha think ? 

I like this spiderman tattoo because tis kinda different, tis more cartoon and fun to look at, well in my opinion anyways, jeeez did ya know so many peeps got spiderman tattoos, unreal ! 

As a lot of ya know I really like a tattoo that is just plain black as long as it's artistic, I think this spiderman tattoo is just that, deff a nice tat ! 

Here we have 4 different arm spiderman tattoos, ewwwww doncha just hate hairy armpits, I am off to shave mine, looking at that is the pits !!! 

This black spiderman tattoo is one of my favs but did ya know if ya get a spiderman tattoo that yer stuck with it. Get it, stuck with it, oh bugger off then, ya have no sense of humor ! 

Gotta say I never realised that people got spiderman tattoos, I must check and see if Batman is just as popular, I likes Robin, methinks tis those green tights ya know. Anyways I hope my blog helps ya picking out a Spiderman Tattoo if yer thinking of getting one.

I looked everywhere for a Spiderman Tattoo Video but I am sorry peeps I have failed. I feel bad at letting ya all down so I have put up a nice lil video of the ultimate spiderman pics plus a few of the characters he has fought. I kinda enjoyed writing this Spiderman Tattoo hub, reminded me of when I was a boy and my Old Gran used to give me pocket money to buy the Spiderman comics. I loved my Old Gran but her feet sure as hell stank !

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