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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tattoo Designs For Back

Tattoo Designs For Back, Back Tattoo Designs, and here we go for yet another adventure in my tattoo designs. I gotta admit I am guilty of staring at womens back tattoos on holiday or when they bend over in a shopping centre. " Yer just disgusting, ya really are "  " I am not I am looking for ideas for my tattoo designs for back " " Yeah Rite "

Anyways today you lovely peeps are gonna be entertained by 10 of the truly best tattoo designs for back that I have found and I think this will be my best tattoo design hub so far because the back tattoos are just totally stunning and artistic. " What to hell do ya know about Art, ya know damn all and yer sounding like a dipstick " " Oh will you bugger off, I gotta get the readers all excited so they will read the damn thing " " Oh rite, smart thinking Batman "

Anyways look at the 10 stunning tattoo designs for back and then enjoy the lil back tattoos video at the very end.

One of the most stunning back tattoos this guy has seen and on the back of a redhead, jeeez havin her wud be better than winnin the Lottery !

Another redhead and what about this totally amazin dragon tattoo, jeeez I kinda fancy this chick as well, I wonder if any of them wud read my hub !

Ok who is shoutin that's a back tattoo, ok maybe a bit of it is but it's my hub and I am sayin tis a back tattoo, that ok with ya ?

OMG imagine wakin up drunk besides that in the morning, actually I am imagining it, tis actually really nice, old farts can't be picky ok !

I think this is a Japanese Princess back tattoo, I may be wrong and if yer a Japanese Princess readin this then I am sorry yer highness.

Deff one of my fav tattoos, the flowers, the bird, the lil butterfly, jeeez ya don't need to go out to the garden ya just watch her back.

One for the guys to droll over, or you chicks if ya like that as well, but hell what a beautiful tattoo, nice butt as well !

Sorry but I burst out laughin at this back tattoo, the octopus is just a creature like me, all hands and creepin about the female back ; )

Wowwww what a cracking back tattoo and is that 2 unicorns either side and then the face in the middle, this tattoo is like an optical illusion, loves it.

How can I describe this back tattoo, the 2 birds and the black stars, this has to be one of the best tattoos I have seen, loves the lil streaks of red hair as well.

Well ya can't have a collection of back tattoo designs without the Chinese Symbols, anyone know what that says, does it say " Be my love TattoGuy "

And to finish off a pic of a chick I picked up in the bar last night, jeeez I shud be so lucky, tis deff one hell of a back tattoo, doncha think ?

Tattoo Designs For Back Video

Ok I bet there is someone out there shouting " You said 10 photos of  Tattoo Designs For Back at the start, you said 10 photos at the start but you did 12, you can't count TattoGuy "  Well I did that just to see that you buggers were payin attention ok and well spotted ya win a cuddly toy !!

Right for anyone thinking of getting a tattoo design for back I hope that helped ya in some way and if it didn't yer one picky lil bugger ain't ya. Anyways over to the right, I said right that's yer left ya dipstick. Ok now ya can check out the video, jeeez ya have to click on it to watch it you dummy, like who dresses ya in the mornings. Right I am off for a nap, enjoy the Tattoo Designs For Back.

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