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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tattoo Designs For Feet

Tattoo Designs For Feet, Feet Tattoos, Tattoo Designs For The Feet. Jeeez what can I say I hate feet but as my old Gran used to say " Art ya wud sell yer soul to the devil ". Well my Gran was a relgious old bag but she was right I guess, when there is a chance to make some money writing on Tattoo Designs For Feet then bugger my foot phobia, I will just have to look at those toes and just squirm !!

Anyways peeps there really are some stunning Tattoo Designs For Feet out there and as ever I am gonna show ya 10 of the best and then show ya a lil video on Tattoo Designs For Feet so anyone looking for an idea on a foot tattoo get ready to look and see if ya fancy any of these feet.

Now this is what I call a delicate lil foot, deff love the flowing flowers finishing with the butterfly, is that a butterfly ?

Well that deff is a butterfly but that foot deff isn't as delicate as the other one, deff she wouldn't get the role in Cinderella, nice tattoo designs for feet.

Yayyyy my all time fav type of tattoo, the coloured shooting star tattoo and deff I loves this tattoo designs for feet.

Not sure what to make of these tribal tattoos on both feet, do they look stunning or do they look like someone with mucky feet, you decide !

Now this is for me is one of the best tattoo designs for feet  because my fav colour is purple and the colour really sets this one off, yup I am deff lovin this foot !

Jeeeeeez tis like a scene out of Wind In The Willows with those frog tattoos and lizard tattoos, bet those feet can hop it !

Not sure what to make of this one except tis a Celtic Tattoo but is it a tattoo or just a painting, answers on a postcard please !

I put this fantastic dragon tattoo up because the colours and tattoo are stunning but jeeez that lil cut on the toe is makin me feel illbut I am loving tattoo designs for feet.

Nice lil combo of tattoo designs for feet  here and my fav is the cupcake tattoo as it's kinda unique. I also like the 2 monsters and jeeez those green stars under the foot must have hurt to get done.

I saved this one for last as it's one of the best tattoo designs for feet  I have seen, jeeez the colour purple just flowing into the butterfly at the end, tis totally artistic, doncha think ?

Tattoo Designs For Feet Video

Sorry you peeps I am just on the phone to my Doctor, well my Therapist to be exact as I think I have now overcome my foot phobia after doing this Tattoo Designs For Feet blog.

Only thing now is I kinda think the female foot is kinda sexy and I might just get into toe sucking, well except any with cuts or pus ya know, I ain't totally desperate.

Anyways I am so excited as I have found you a totally amazing video with millions and millions of great Tattoo Designs For Feet, if ya can't find a tattoo that suits ya I will buy ya new pair of shoes ok. Anyways enjoy the video you peeps.

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