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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tattoo Quotes

Tattoo Quotes, Quotes Tattoos, Tattoos Quotes and I recently got a request fron a fellow blogger, the lovely Twentyfive to do a blog full of cool tattoos containing Tattoo Quotes. My fav quote is "He Who Dares Wins", the saying of the famous S.A.S.

Anyways my tattoo designs loving friends today just for Twentyfive I am bringing you 10 jawdropping Tattoo Quotes, yes I do mean jawdropping !! I will of course also throw in a nice lil Tattoo Quotes video in at the end but don't quote me on that, ok so it was a crap joke but tis my hub and I liked it.

Right I am off to wash my hair, do enjoy the 10 earth shattering cool tattoo designs, I did spend weeks finding them, sit back and enjoy the beauty of cool tattoos of tattoo quotes.

The first of my Tattoo Quotes is this really cool tattoo, love that verse as well ! 

Ok hands up if you think the second of my Tattoo Quotes belongs on the arm of a woman? 

The third of my Tattoo Quotes is this amazing back tattoo, I wonder what she means by this custom tattoo design. 

The fourth of my Tattoo Quotes is yet another custom tattoo design as I guess most Tattoo Quotes are, don't hurt yer neck bending to read it ! 

The fifth of my Tattoo Quotes is a beautiful tattoo and a really long tattoo qute, I guess you could see shes a hard girl to read ! 

The sixth of my Tattoo Quotes is this cute lil wrist tattoo design, nice little tattoo quote as well. 

The seventh of my Tattoo Quotes is another custom tattoo and this cool tattoo design is probably my favourite. 

The eighth of my Tattoo Quotes is just one stunnning tattoo design, just love this tattoo. 

The ninth of my Tattoo Quotes is this cool tattoo design from a stunning dreamer, I loves it. 

The last of my Tattoo Quotes is this stunning chest tattoo with a deep verse, I gotta say I have enjoyed these Tattoo Quotes. 

Tattoo Quotes Video

I have to say I enjoyed doing this Tattoo Quotes Blog and I do hope you enjoyed it Twentyfive as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you are thinking of getting a Tattoos Quotes tattoo and didnt see one that you liked then do click the video just below and perhaps you will see a cool tattoo design you like there.

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Ivy said...

I see you left my two favorites off of this when you transferred it over here.
How. Not. Nice! >:(

J/K I wouldn't get mad about something so silly. :D

...but the wrist one, 'No Lies / Just Love' was fabulous...