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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tiger Tattoos

Tiger Tattoos,Tiger Tattoos Designs, Tiger Tattoos and there is something about the Tiger that makes getting a tiger tattoo the way to go. After all the Tiger is King of the Jungle, " no it's not, the Lion is you dipstick " " look who is writing this Tiger Tattoos blog, you or me, now bugger away off"

Ok so the Lion may be King of the Jungle but trust me once ya see some of the cracking tigger tattoos I am gonna show ya then trust me twil be a tiger tattoo that ya will wanna get, well unless yer a big coward afraid of needles. Right let's have a look at some tats, jeeez not those type of tats ya dirty git !!

Tiger Tattoos - Back

 Ok most of these Tiger Tattoos are pure class so instead of just showing them small I am going to show them their full size. I gotta say I am a big tiger fan but like I wouldn't stroke one ya know, do I look daft enough to be stroking a big pussy. !!

Anyways this first tiger tattoo is right over the full back and it's totally class, have a look.

Totally stunning Tiger Tattoo.

Tiger Tattoos - Back

 Ok you male readers will enjoy the first of my  tiger tattoos below on that tasty chicks upper right back, and nice backside as well, oh come on ya gotta check that butt out. But what a fantastic and stunning tiger tattoo that is, I deff wouldn't mind snuggling up to that pussy, doncha think.

Anyways the second photo below is a lower back tiger tattoo which although kinda plain is also artistic. I really like lower back tattoos on the female body, come to think of it I kinda like everything on the female body but mostly me, I know, I am so shallow.

Tiger tattoo number 3 below is the left shoulderblade and I like it a lot, it has that brightness and jump out at you effect about it. In fact I think although smaller than the others that tiger tattoo gets my vote as best back tattoo.

Nice tiger tattoo, nice butt ! 
Always loves a lower back tattoo, one of the best tiger tattoos. 
Grrrrrr this shoulderblade tiger tattoo gets my vote as one of the best back tiger tattoos. 

Tiger Tattoos - Arms

 I guess most people get tiger tattoos on their arms, that's if yer off down to the tattoo parlour to get a tiger tattoo that is. Ok I have picked out 3 arm tattoos for you and the first is a really cute lil baby tiger tattoo that is gonna have all ya women going awwwww I want one of those on my arm, well get one then !!

The 2nd arm tiger tattoo is a real beast of a tattoo, well obviously as the tiger is a beast but this tiger tattoo is just pure class and it get's my vote as best arm tattoo but I know all ya soppy females will be picking the lil cute baby tiger.

My 3rd choice of tiger tattoos you actually might not like as it's just plain black but I kinda think it's really artistic and yeah I would deff get one like that on my arm. Anyways take a look at the 3 arm tiger tattoos and see what ya think.

Baby tiger tattoo, please stop saying awwwww ! 
Now that's what ya call a tiger tattoo, grrrrr ! 
Just something artistic about tribal tiger tattoos. 

Tiger Tattoos Video

 Ok hands up if ya said I bet he ends his blog off with a video showing us all a collection of tiger tattoos.

Well get yer hands down ya damn smartass, didn't yer old gran never tell ya that nobody likes a smartass. Actually yer old gran was wrong ya know as most employers loves a smartass which is why they get hired, but if you enjoyed my tiger tattoos blog do share it with yer friends on Facebook or tweet me on Twitter, enjoy the tiger tattoos video.

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