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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Weird Piercings: Weird Tattoos

Weird Piercings And Weird Tattoos, Weird Tattoos, Weird Piercings, jeeez if it's got the word weird in it ya know I am gonna be about. Some nights I lie in bed late at night and wonder if my old Gran was right when she said I was weird. But after lookin at all these weird tattoos and weird piercings I now think I am normal, well almost normal as I can be a lil crazy ya know.

Anyways some of these weird piercings and weird tattoos are just damn crazy and some just look like an accident waiting to happen. Some of these weird tattoos and weird piercings will make you squirm so if yer a big girl just look away ok, you have been warned.

Ok enough of my lil intro, tis time to take you peeps into the depth of the crazy world of the total nutters that get weird tattoos and weird piercings. Unless you of course don't think they are weird in which case I wud ask ya to get yer Doctor to change yer medication, enjoy the tats.

In this blog yer gonna see some really Weird Piercings And Weird Tattoos so look at this first nutter, I deff nose he's a nutter, he just doesn't cut it with me ; )

Now doncha just love a hot girl with money, but even better doncha just love a girl painted in money, wud love to spend the night with her, bet yer bottom dollar I wud !

Are ya one of those peeps that is always losing yer specs, simple cure, just get the bar pierced thru yer nose, did ya see that coming ?

Ya love a nice big glass of red wine but ya never know when yer gonna get an offer, simple solution, ya just carry yer glass about with ya, cool or wat !!

Ok my hands are up as I have a confession, that photo on my profile isn't me, this photo is me so have any of you chicks any advice on how to cure droopy boobs !

Ya gotta love this guys weird tattoos, gotta say he's a handy guy to have about if ya wanna game of chess, he's my mate, check mate ; )

This is deff the big ton of back piercings, yup 100 damn back piercings, I didn't count them but I bet some fool will !!

Jeeeez listen up you peeps, beware of online chatrooms. This chick looked great on her profile but when she turned up I nearly passed out, still took her to bed though !

I dunno but the older I get the more weird I get, I was talking to this guy about his tattoos on the phone, I just decided to give him a ring !

This guy looks like a sodden Rhino with a few extra horns, I just hope that he keeps them nicely polished, I wonder did he get them implanted ?

Ok first of is that a girl or a guy, I am not sure but jeeeez have ya seen a nose ring as big as that, well apart from a bullring that is !

Not sure if a lot of you saw the movie Wolverine but this guy loved the movie so much he had to get the 3 Wolverine claws, yup peeps are damn weird, deff don't shake hands with this bugger.

After a few of my hubs I get a few of you ladies sayin yer too old for a tattoo, well take a look at my old Gran, nice tats for an old chick, doncha think ?

Now I may be old fashioned but usually ya get yer tonsils out, ya don't get them double pierced, that must have been hard to get done.

Imagine this guy kissin a chick, be like kissin bare metal. As for blowing his nose, snat worth thinking about !

Ok hands up if ya said that tattoguy usually has some hot chick in his hubs, well here she is fully tattooed and lookin hot as hell !

Weird Tattoos And Weird Piercings Video

Ok who shouted we want to see some more crazy and Weird Piercings And Weird Tattoos, jeeez were my photos not enough for all you greedy lil gits.

Anyways as I love all you peeps I searched youtube to find ya a nice lil video with a great compilation of Weird Piercings And Weird Tattoos and I think the video just below is perfect. Remember if you like my blog do share it with your friends on Facebook or give me a tweet on Twitter, enjoy the videos.

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Those glasses look painful!