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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Zipper Piercings

Zipper Piercings, Tongue Piercings, jeeez everywhere I look I am seeing girls with their tongues pierced. Even singers ya know and ya can hear the pierced tongue as they speak but do I like a tongue piercing, yeah I do. Ok I know nothing about getting a tongue piercing so I am gonna ask the girl in work to describe how she got hers done. " Oi, girl in work can ya tell me about yer tongue piercing please"

"I got my tongue pierced in a tattoo & piercing parlour in Inn Shops at High Street. They freeze your tongue with a spray then they put it into a clamp a long needle is then put through your tongue with the tongue bar attached to the end of it. Once the needle goes the whole way through the bar is left in the tongue and 2 balls are attached to either end.

At first the tongue bar has to be longer than a normal bar this is to allow for swelling of the tongue immediately after piercing. It is a quick and painless procedure which took less than 10 mins.
You are advised not to eat or drink anything hot for a couple of hours and then if required only to eat soup or soft foods. You are also advised to rinse your mouth out regularly with salt water. After 2 weeks the tongue bar can then be changed to a shorter bar. So that's about it, do I get a share of any money you make from your blog?"

"Jeeeez will ya get real, do I look like a sodden dipstick!", anyways you peeps let's be looking at some quality tongue piercings and zipper piercings.

Is this piercing real is the question, split tongue with a zipper attached. I hate those 2 studs piercings, ya get pus easy from them. If I was going with her and had a fight I wud say " Zip it and pus off ! " 
Ok guys hands up if ya like this tongue piercing, yeah loads of hands up from the guys. Tis a Hello Kitty tongue piercing and deff all the I can say is " Hello Kitty " !!! 
Jeeez ya always get the damn show off even in tongue piercing, like who to hell wud want that number of tongue piercings, must feel weird eating and other stuff ya know, people are weird, just glad I am normal.

This tongue piercing is like the girl who works in the shop, I kinda worry about the gap between the tongue and the piercing, tis deff dangerous. I wud be afraid to slip moi tongue in wen kissin someone with a piercin like that !

Now this is a typical tongue piercing and I have seen loads of girls sticking the stud out like that. Jeeez ya gotta love that mouth though, I think I have found my Valentine !

Nice lil coloured tongue piercing and ya notice how the stud kinda makes the girls smile, just a pity it makes em all talk with a sodden lisp !

Ok hands up if yer female and yer tongue has that many piercings. Ok two questions, how do ya enjoy yer food and does it improve yer love life or does yer love life suck ; )

Ok who is sittin there shouting that's not a tongue piercing, just shut to hell up ok. Tis a tattoo which is still a piercing and I likes it and tis my party and I will do wat I want alright, tis damn cool though isn't it !

Piercings Video

Ok I really enjoyed lookin at some of those weird tongue piercings that I have decided today to give ya all two videos instead of one, I know I am feeling generous today.The second video is basically a collection of all types of piercings but it has a few tongue piercings so fear not if yer just here to check out tongue piercings.

The first video shows an actual tongue piercing taking place so if yer a big baby don't bother watching it. In fact if yer a baby why are ya even on the computer, doncha need a nappy change or a breast feed or somethin.

Anyways I hoped ya enjoyed my Tongue Piercings Blog, twas fun to write although I have a piercing headache now with all that damn tongue piercings.

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