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Monday, 2 May 2011

Black Rose Tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo, Black Rose Tattoos, Black Rose Tattoo and I guess I am in a black mood today with all this rain in Belfast plus the damn flooding. My Old Gran used to say if ya said " Rain, rain go to Spain and never show yer face again " it wud stop raining and be nice and sunny, my Old Gran was full of crap, tis weird because my Mama says I take after her.

Anyways my lovely peeps today I am bringing you 14 totally stunning black rose tattoo pics, jeeez ya will think yer at a garden party. Plus not only will ya be treated to stunning black rose tattoos but also of course my usual trademark of that lil tattoo video at the end. Hands up if ya actually look forward to that video, ok get yer hands down, now hands up if ya think that video at the end is a pile of cack, jeeez get yer hands down ya ungrateful buggers.

Right enjoy the 14 black rose tattoo photos, I am soddin freezin here so am off to make a nice bowl of veg soup, no ya can't have some, jeeez will ya just bugger away off and check out the photos, do ya think I put them there for a laugh !!!

Oh yeah baby I deff am loving that black rose tattoo, wud sure love tending to her garden ; ) 

I actually didn't think many guys wud get a black rose tattoo but jeeez this guy has one right on his belly, do I like it, no comment ! 

Deff am lovin this lil black rose tattoo, I wonder shud I get one on my wrist, be really cool, doncha think? 

I am in 2 minds as to whether I like this black rose tattoo but as I have a split personality I am always in 2 minds. " Ya Think" 

 Now this black rose tattoo I do love plus the lil verse " My love is a Black Rose ", deff my fav tattoo so far. 

Jeeeeez this black rose tattoo is the best of the best, now that tattoo is without doubt a work of Art which I just love. 

 I guess I was wrong about guys getting a black rose tattoo and I must admit this arm tattoo is pretty stunning.

Well if ya like black rose tattoos then be like this chick and just make yer body a full garden of roses, man I am lovin that chick for sure, I wonder does she need pruning? 

Another guy with a black rose tattoo, this time right on the top of the hand, deff not a fan of this tattoo. 

 Nice lil belly black rose tattoo right on the belly, well I think it's the belly as I am sure that's a lil belly button I see ! 

Nice lil foot black rose tattoo, and if ya are shouting that's not a black rose it's blue it has black runnin thru it ok so shut it ya buggers ! 

Nice big black rose tattoo right on the upper body, love the detail on this one but is it a guy or a chick, wat do ya think? 

Nice and plain tiny lil black rose tattoo, not sure if I like it, maybe just a bit too plain. 

And my final black rose tattoo is this nice lil arm tattoo, I really like this one and after all my research I gotta say I loves black roses, gonna plant some in my garden ! 

Rose Tattoos Video

 Jeeeez what can I say to you, my lovely lil readers except I lied at the start, there is no black rose tattoo video, look tis not my fault ok, I blame youtube for not having one. Anyways I have put up a nice lil rose tattoos video and a lot of them are black, just use yer imagination and pretend the rest are black. If ya have no imagination wat to hell are ya doing on a writing site.

Anyway that veg soup was really nice except for the girl I work with complaining about me slurping, jeeez ya can't even enjoy yer lunch these days. Then she got up and walked out after I burped and farted, did ya know in some countries tis actually showing yer host a compliment by burping after yer meal.

Right you lot are borin me now, I am off for a lil sleep, I hope ya enjoyed my black rose tattoo blog, if ya did rate it up, stumble it, share it on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter and leave me lil kisses, jeeeeez not you guys ok, I meant the chicks, jeeez sort it out, will ya !!!

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