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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoo Designs, Butterfly Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoo Designs and I gotta say I love the butterfly tattoo designs and why you ask. Well it takes me back to when I was a lil kid and the little things in life used to really amaze me. I had this ugly lil caterpillar in a jamjar and watched it explode out of it's cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly. I turned to my Old Gran with my buck teeth and skinny lil body and said " One day Gran I am gonna turn out beautiful just like that butterfly just did " " Wise up ya ugly lil bugger " my Old Gran replied, she really was a source of encouragement.

Anyways today moi friends I bring you the amazing butterfly tattoo designs and ya will love the 14 photos I have for ya of butterfly tattoos. " Will ya have the lil video at the end?" " Yeah of course I will, ya know I looks after moi readers "

Jeeeeez I love virtual interaction, I really do but all joking aside my butterfly tattoo designs blog just like my other tattoo blogs are useless without you peeps that read them and trust me I appreciate ya and loves ya all to bits for yer continued support, enjoy the butterfly tattoos.

The first of my butterfly tattoo designs is my fav animal combined, a tiger butterfly tattoo. 
Next of my butterfly tattoo designs is this stunning blue butterfly, deff love this one. 
Love this tribal butterfly tattoo designs, tis a good job she ain't got hairy armpits, although I kinda like a girl with hairy armpits ; ) 
Gotta say this is my fav butterfly tattoo designs photo, deff a collection worth looking at. 

I loves a nice neck tattoo and I loves butterfly tattoo designs so this is a perfect tattoo for moi. 

Love these beautiful shoulder butterfly tattoo designs, tis a bit similar to the butterfly I had wen I was a lil kid.

Wowwww this is deff the most stunning of moi butterfly tattoo designs so far, totally awesome, doncha think? 

A mixture of my two fav tattoos, the butterfly tattoo designs and the star tattoo, yup I love it ! 

I love this neck butterfly tattoo design and love the verse " Yup i'm gay ", damn right, be proud of wat you are ! 

Nice lil butterfly tattoo designs flying over a flower, tis such a lovely lil sight, makes moi lil heart feel like bursting. 

Another of my fav butterfly tattoo designs is this ankle butterfly tattoo, I loves a nice lil ankle, I really do ! 

OMG I think this chick is taking the butterfly tattoo designs a bit too far, methinks she's gonna fly off with that tattoo.

Next of my butterfly tattoo designs is one for you foot lovers, hope ya like it. 

Oh Yeah, the blue colour in this butterfly tattoo design is just totally stunning, I love this tattoo and it's deff one of the best to date, loves it ! 

Butterfly Tattoo Designs Videos

Yeah ya read the heading right, today I am gonna spoil ya and bring you not one but two butterfly tattoo designs videos.

Well I had a nice tasty lil lunch and I just thought let's spoil the buggers today and give them 2 lil butterfly tattoo designs videos, as my Old Gran used to say " Nice things happen to ya if yer nice to others", which was strange cause she was never nice to me, I blame her for my mental health problems.

Anyways I hope ya enjoyed the 14 stunning butterfly tattoo designs photos and do watch both of the videos as they are really good plus I don't put them up there just for the fun of it. I will return with another tattoo blog, I want ya all to be nice tattooed healthy peeps, gotta go, loves ya all ; )

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