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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoo Designs, Tattoos of Cross, Cross Tattoo Designs was all I was lookin at in a tattoo magazine the other day. I kinda like tattoos of crosses as I am kinda superstitious and regard the cross as a symbol of both luck and protection which is why I wear 2 of them around my neck. I always hated it when I lied to my Old Gran and she used to say " Cross yer heart and hope to die if ya tell a lie". I never did cross my heart, twas too scared to take the chance, my Old Gran was a cruel old bag.

Anyways tis sunny in Belfast today which is typical, damn crappy day on a Sunday when yer off and a sunny day wen ya go back to work. Ok enough of my weather ramblings, today I am bringing ya 14 great pics of Cross Tattoo Designs and of course that lil video at the end of tattoos of crosses.

I hope you find a cross tattoo in here that ya like, anyways I am off to eat my lunch which is a crappy Pot Noodle, do they have Pot Noodles in yer country, do ya even know wat a Pot Noodle is, anyways enjoy the Cross Tattoo Designs.

Love this cross tattoo as it looks 3D, deff wud get this one myself. 
Two cross tattoo designs on the wrists and although plain I find these really symbolic, love them. 
Oh Yeah, the ever stunning Angelina Jolie with her cross tattoo design just waiting on me on the grass to check her tats out ; )

Nice lil rosary with cross tattoo on the foot, I actually like this foot cross tattoo designs.

Next of my cross tattoo designs is this stunning tribal cross tattoo, I really must do a tribal tattoo blog.

Love this cross tattoo designs that Laurie has got on his arm, I wonder what the date means ?

Now this is my fav cross tattoo designs, I wonder why ; )

Nice lil cross tattoo design with the nasty lil serpent wrapped around it, great artwork !

A wooden cross with the purple robe draped over is next of my cross tattoo designs, not sure what I think of this one but it's deff unique.

Jeeeez deff that is one bold big black bugger of a cross tattoo design on the chest, that's deff what ya call a tattoo.

Out of all my cross tattoo designs this is deff my fav, this tattoo is just beautiful, one of my all time fav tattoos, just stunning !

Love the black mixed with the red and blue in this cross tattoo design, deff another great tattoo.

Another stunning cross tattoo design but moi Latin isn't that great so can anyone tell me what "Veritas Aequitas" means ?

And moi last cross tattoo designs is this tribal arm tattoo, yep I deff gotta do a tribal tattoo blog !

Cross Tattoo Designs Videos

Gotta say I enjoyed writin this cross tattoo designs blog and I was looking for a really good lil cross tattoo designs video. But hey I found 2 cracking cross tattoo designs videos and as I coudn't decide which was the best I have decided to put them both up so make sure ya look at them ya buggers cause it took me ages finding ya them.

Right I gotta go, drinking all that tea has me busting for a pee and I really don't fancy sitting in work this afternoon smellin like an old tramp. I hope ya found a cross tattoo that ya liked and hey if ya liked moi blog rate it up, stumble it, share it and leave me a lovely lil message and kiss, not you guys ok, like get real will ya.

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Ivy said...

What kind of place is this? Angelina Jolie's cross tattoo makes the list, but James Hetfield's doesn't? Sorry. No Hetfield = no kiss. :P