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Monday, 9 May 2011

Dragon Tattoos Designs

Dragon Tattoos Designs,Dragon Tattoos,Dragon Tattoos Designs and by Dragons I don't mean the girlfriend. I actually was lookin at dragon tattoos designs way back in my late teens, I call those years my Golden Years, all those chicks that I thought were ugly back then I wud gladly have now, yup as ya get older ya deff get less picky.

Anyways when I think of dragon tattoos designs my mind goes back to Bruce Lee in that movie Enter The Dragon, jeeez that movie made me study the martial arts and I went on to get a black belt so I did.
Was in the changing rooms after the class and noticed my belt on my jeans had bust so I stole the blokes beside me and it just happened to be black. Anyways enough of my purile crap, let's go look at some tasty dragon tattoos designs.

Ok who is shouting out she's not real it's a cartoon photo. I know but ya know wat, I love that dragon tattoos design and I think it's possible to love a cartoon ! 
Now this is a tattoo I wud be proud to have, it's in the top of the arm and the red and black is just magic. Well not actually magic ya know, magic is just really tricks ya know but keep it to yerself, lovin the dragon tattoos designs. 
Now this is what I call a dragon tattoos design, probably because tis a dragon and tis a tattoo but one thing I have noticed doing tattoos, the shoulderblades of the female are really sexy or is my desperation getting worse, I fear for my sanity ! 

Ok forget what I said about the cartoon tattoo, I am in love with this chick. Just look at the dragon tattoos design running right down her back, jeeez I need a cold shower, doing these blogs is hard work ; ) 

Now that is a dragon tattoos design I wud like to get a good look at, doncha just love that tat. Nice to see she uses the same gold nail polish as me, oh those Golden Years !

Now didn't I tell ya the shoulderblade was sexy and this dragon tattoos design is totally stunning. But is that a female back or is it a guy, am I gay, I hope not as it's a pain in the ass ! 

Deff this dragon tattoos design belongs to a man by the look of his muscles so better not call him a woman as he might find me. Love the blue and orange mix, pure artistry ! 

This dragon back tattoo is just plain black or is it blue, either way it proves the old theory that plain can be sexy, I deff love dragon tattoos designs a lot. 

I decided to keep the best of the dragon tattoos designs to the end. Now that is what I call a tattoo, love the thighs and fishnets as well, shame I go for personality ; ) 

Dragon Tattoos Designs Videos

 Jeeez I thought I wud never finish writin this dragon tattoos designs blog, tis a Monday again and back to work, I shud be out getting drunk and chatting up some redhead. " A guy or a woman redhead? " " Oi are ya trying to be funny, ya saying I am gay or something "  " Nah but I do think ya shud take the medication the Doctor gave ya for our split personality " " You take it ok ! "

Anyways peeps I hope ya enjoyed the dragon tattoos designs pics, I have included 2 nice lil videos showing a nice collection of dragon tattoos designs, yes I know, I am way too good to ya all but hey I loves ya all, yer the only friends I have.

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