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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Designs, Eagle Tattoo, Eagle Tattoos and I just loves the Eagle Tattoo as I find it the symbol of America, the land of the free and the greatest country in the world, I am so proud to be an American, I salute the eagle tattoo. " Yer not American ya dipstick, yer Irish ya wally, jeeez ya live in Belfast not Boston" " I am American on my Old Grans side of the family " " I don't ever recall our Old Gran being American? " " Well she spent 2 weeks at Disneyworld in 2006 ok so that makes her American! "

Anyways getting away from that total dipstick today as you may have guessed I am bringing you the stunning eagle tattoo designs and I intend to show you 14 of the best eagle tattoo pics plus of course my lil eagle tattoo videos at the end. To be honest I really love those videos and have been thinking of setting up my own Youtube account and doing a bit of standup comedy, do ya think I wud be any good?

Right enjoy the eagle tattoo designs pics, I am off for a nice cup of tea, if you enjoy my eagle tattoo blog share it on your Facebook or tweet me on Twitter, I loves a lil tweet.

My first eagle tattoo is just the deff symbol of America just wrapped in the American Flag, this is a stunning tattoo. 
I don't really like the Love & Hate tattoos but jeeez with the bold eagle tattoo right on the chest this one is amazing. 
Hands up if yer a fan of the tribal tattoo, well here we have a great tribal eagle tattoo, loves it. 

Well if yer thinking of getting a back tattoo then this back eagle tattoo is deff the one to get, doncha think? 

Love this breat eagle tattoo but I think the yellow is the wrong colour, I wud have went with light blue. 

A similar type of eagle tattoo but I prefer this one, kinda looks more real. 

Well ya all know I am a big fan of the lower back tattoo and this eagle tattoo on the lower back is just a real beauty, deff like this one.

Wowww words can't describe this eagle tattoo, it looks more like a t-shirt than a tattoo. 

A tribal lower back eagle tattoo, this is deff a work of art, this wud look stunning on yer back ladies.

Nice eagle tattoo right across the back, I deff recommend the eagle tattoos for sure. 

I just love the bold colours on this eagle tattoo, deff the eagle tattoos are a good choice if yer thinking of getting a tattoo especially if yer American like me. " Yer Irish ya dipstick! " 

" Freedom will Prevail " on this stunning American eagle tattoo, I feel a tear lookin at this one and proud to be American. "Yer really startin to annoy me now ya daft Irish bugger! " 

Really colourful and artistic eagle tattoo makes this tattoo different but I like it. 

Another great american eagle tattoo on the arm and jeeez today I gotta say I loved every single tattoo, the eagle tattoo is deff a good choice of tattoo. 

Eagle Tattoo Designs Videos

Ya ever wonder in life why yer hour lunch break just flys past whilst yer working day doesn't or yer weekend or holiday just flys past, life is so weird, well mine is. Anyways ya lovely peeps I hopes ya enjoyed the 14 eagle tattoo photos. Just below I have nice lil eagle tattoo designs videos for ya and I hope it gives ya a few good ideas if ya are looking to get an eagle tattoo.

Don't forget if you are looking to get a certain tattoo and I haven't written about it do leave me a comment asking me to write about it and I will, I am a lovely caring guy and I really care about you lovely lil peeps that read my blogs.

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