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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fish Tattoo Designs

Fish Tattoos Designs, Fish Tattoo Designs, wud you get a fish tattoo on yer back, nahhh nor me but today we will look at all those lil fishy lovers out there. Oh I do have a tropical fish tank though and I keep moi Blue Acaras in it, they just love me, they even let me stroke them. well I ain't got anything else to stroke these days !

Anyways today I am bringing ya Fish Tattoos Designs and trust me I cod you not, tis a blog for all those soles out there that loves the Fish Tattoos Designs, ya gotta write for everyones tastes, even those people that looks a bit fishy, doncha think.

I am bringing ya 14 lovely lil photos of the Fish Tattoos Designs and then a nice lil video at the end. Ya know I can tell whether ya watch the video or not by checking my Google Analytics and seein how long peeps remain on this page so don't try and give me any bull that ya enjoyed the Fish Tattoos Designs Video, cause I will know if yer tellin lies and if ya are ya will get yer bare butt smacked with a wet kipper, yeah ya wud love that wouldn't ya !

I put this fish tattoo design up first because as any of you that follow me know I loves the plain black design, tis a cool tattoo.

Obviously most of you fish lovers out there will know the first two tattoo designs have been koi tattoos, well unless yer a fish lover that loves the fish shop !!

Jeeeez if yer gonna get a fish tattoo design on yer back then this huge koi tattoo tis the one to get, man try reeling that baby in, the koi that is ; )

Loving the fish tattoo designs to bits, two lil goldfish swimming about on yer back, tis kinda cool, doncha think ?

Is it just me or does this Angelfish look so wrong as a tattoo, personally I think it looks cack but I put it up anyway to fill in the gaps ya know !

A fish tattoo design for yer fisherman this one, bet ya all loves it, in fact my guess is yer all hooked !

Wowwww now that's what I call one big hell of a fish tattoo design, must have took ages to tattoo that bugger, the tattoo that is, not the bugger it's on, grammar can be so confusin at times, doncha think ?

I gotta say I likes this fish tattoo design, methinks tis the yellow outline that sets it off, just my personal artistic view.

Ok for any of ya born under the sign of Pisces these are the fish tattoo designs for you, get that sign of the fish on yer back !

Stunning tribal fish tattoo design, bet ya didn't think ya cud get a tribal fish, sure the buggers swim around in tribes so go figure !

Always been a big fan of the Marlin, jeeez Marlin Brando twas my fav actor, I likes this Marlin Fish Tattoo Design, bet Brando wud have loved it.

Oh yeah, a totally stunning koi fish tattoo design right on the shoulderblade and the light blue really sets it off, I loves this one.

Hands up if ya know wat type of fish tattoo design this is, ok all you tropical fish lovers who said Siamese Fighting Fish win a cuddly toy.

Not sure about this big bugger of a koi fish tattoo design, methinks maybe it's too big, do you ladies prefer it big ?

Fish Tattoos Designs Video

I loves writin this lil wee bit at the end because it means I have almost finished another blog and hopefully given ya a laugh as well as shown ya some great fish tattoos designs. Thing is I am a really lazy bugger and I hate writin cause I cud be just loungin on the couch watchin tv or lounchin on the couch at my shrinks, jeeez she's really getting inside my head, she actually said I was the weirdest person she's ever met in her life, I was so stunned I ripped my stockings on the door on the way out.

Anyways as usual I bring ya a nice lil fish tattoo designs video with a lot of lil fishies, " jeeez do ya know how childish and pathetic that sounds " " I likes it ok so bugger away off, tis my fish tale, or fish tail, take yer pick "

Cya tomorrow peeps, loves ya all "

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